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This gleaming "Saturn" appeared in wheat at Wabi Farm, Etchilhampton, on August 10th.  It is probably a bit over 100 feet on the long axis.  The stunning, silvery lay is similar to one of the circles that was at Wabi last September.  The ring is an elongated ellipse but the body of the planet is a circle -- although the camera angle makes it appear elliptical also.


I took the pole shot when the Saturn was still fresh, although the weeds make it appear old.  But note that the wheat was still brown.

Then, when I flew on September 2nd to shoot the Woman's Face -- which was in another field at Wabi -- I noticed that a funny little glyph had parked itself within five feet of the Saturn.  The arc at the top of the picture is Saturn's ring, of course.

With seven formations in Etchilhampton (if you include the 1O31 logo I made), the area is turning into another Alton Barnes (which had "just" six this summer)! 

Report by Peter Sorensen

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