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"So, when are you going to take pictures of the big one near Stonehenge," a few of you have enquired. Well, never. It's a LONG flight and my budget just could not accommodate it. In stepped my (now dear!) friend Stephen Javor (he's the guy who took me on the great helicopter flight around Wiltshire AND provided me with his footage of the Alien Face). He flew the Stonehenge formation, and again, gave me a copy of his footage(!).

Although he took the shots at least a month ago, I'm only now getting around to posting them because at the time the formation was no longer fresh news -- and there was some hot stuff to report -- like my own 1O31 logo. ( ;o) I've been savouring the thought of Photo-shopping these pictures, now the time has come.

As many of you know, the formation is over 11 tramlines across, and ranks high among the larger formations in history. Coming early in the high season -- in a sense "on the heels" of last summers grand finale on Milk Hill -- it sure got everybody salivating!

To many observers the most staggering thing was the way the design fit in between the round barrows and the edge of the field. Surely the creators were familiar with the lay of the land(?)!

The "wide shot" shows the formation is in the landscape. I count at least 16 round barrows and a possible long barrow in the shot (the lush, green place on the upper-right edge of the picture). And there are several more barrows out of view behind the camera and to the left. The vicinity around Stonehenge must have 50 barrows.

Barrows are believed to be burial mounds made by the ancient people. And yet, many of them never contained burials. One guess -- also suggested for crop circles -- is that they are acupuncture points on the Earth. [Any suggestions, Master Lu?]

Those with sharp eyes have noticed some little circles a way between the "Ribbons" and the place where people parked their cars. I think it was made by jokers -- who even did a crude job of imitating the (alleged) DD signature of Doug & Dave.

With appreciation to Stephen Javor -- the only other videographer whose shots I have used on my site.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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