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This classic Celtic Cross appeared in Etchilhampton near the end of July.

This type of design was common back in the late 1980s, but became very rare in the '90s. Their resemblance to the bottom of the Adamski flying saucers caused some people to assume that
they were landing marks left by UFOs.

Their elegant simplicity, as displayed in Busty's early photos in Circular Evidence, was what attracted me to the crop circles.

I noticed that frequently one of the four orbiting circles was swirled in the opposite direction from the others, and was intrigued by the similarity to Tibetan mandalas. Many mandalas have a simple underlying geometry consisting of circles. And one type representing the Godhead have four demonic looking beings guarding the perimeter at little circles at the four corners. One of those demons or beasts is always subtly different in some way -- this is the guardian who will let you
enter the sacred space.

Similarly, one of the outlying circles in this formation has an unusual reversing swirl in one of the outlying circles. All the others flow clockwise.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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