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Those mischief making lads from London did an advert circle right next to Tony Hughs' microlight airstrip last weekend.

Tony asked me to take an aerial shot of the circle with his landing strip in the background for publicity purposes. But, the design really wasn't pretty at all (John Lundberg did warn me of that it wouldn't be worth taking the flight!), so I got the idea of superimposing one of my favourite formations onto the field.

This was a VERY time consuming Photoshop job! Both shots were taken from different perspectives, so imagine having to adjust rotating, tilting, stretching and squeezing the circle until it fits the tramlines. Then the colour, lighting and texture of the crop was very different, so I had to fiddle and fudge with that -- sipping Scrumpy Jack after each adjustment!

The final product isn't perfect, but I bet few people would realize the picture is a hoax if they didn't look closely.  (Must be the Scrumpy, the way those tramlines don't quite match -- chalk it up to double vision!)

I'll post a bunch of advert formations -- including the one that's actually next to Tony -- at the end of the summer, after I've finished all my pictures of the "real" circles.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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