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These two circles are in maize (which Americans call corn) -- which is almost unheard of.  But that is the crop in which the crop circle in the movie "Signs" are supposedly in. 

The circles are about 50 feet in diameter, in the field below Adams Grave in Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.  One is a lopsided ring with the lay flowing circularly, the other is a sort of splash, with a radial lay emanating from just a few standing stalks in the center and ending in fingers on the down-slope edge.  The two formations are so different that I wonder if one is made by Pleiadians and the other by Orionoids.   ;o)

They arrived about a week apart.  The Splash was reported to me by Alton resident, Tim Chamberlain, on September 12th.  When I heard about it, I climbed Adams grave with Simon Gough (who has been a croppie since 1987) to get a look from above.

We attempted to go in and investigate, but the corn is higher than my head, and we only succeeded in getting lost!  (Note: While from the air tramlines are visible, we were unable to distinguish them on the ground because the crop is planted in rows of the same width.)

Then I was unable to afford to fly for pictures until Sept. 20th, but couldn't get a flight that day, so Simon and I drove past the field to get a shot from the road, and noticed that now a second formation, the ring, was there, closer to the Devizes road.  The people at The Barge were unaware of the new one, so it was probably new that day.

When I flew on the 21st I discovered that there was also a very small circle, under ten feet in diameter, separate from the others.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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