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My favourite formation of the year (so far); the Double Dolphins that splashed into the East Field wheat August 12th.

I think the grace and simplicity of the design of the Dolphins is exceptionally brilliant -- and nearly perfectly crafted. And although unmistakably representational, the design is not overly literal, and well within the tradition of the phenomena. I've selectively removed tramlines to emphasize the Dolphins.

I have provided a small "diagram shot" that shows the elegant geometry without perspective. I achieved this by stretching a shot in many subtle ways (removing perspective is not a straightforward thing to do!), and so it is by no means truly accurate -- so do not use it for geometric analysis. (When I stopped constructing my black and white diagrams several years ago, I began to make my video frame pictures as perspective-free as possible. But a year ago I began to favour perspective shots -- which look much more dynamic. But these Dolphins should be seen diagrammatically.)

I noticed the central circle was laid with a cute little swirl set off to one side -- so had to include a zoom shot of that!.

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