Pewsey White Horse, nr Pewsey, Wiltshire.  
Reported 25th May.

 Images Peter Sorensen Copyright 2001

On his way to work this morning, the man who owns the flat where I am living discovered a simple circle in canola below the Pewsey White Horse. He is quite sure it wasn't there yesterday.

As the accompanying shot shows, it appears to be rather rough.  I'd guess it is about 50 feet in diameter. A mark in the crop right next to it may be a grapeshot signature, or natural damage to the crop -- there are odd spots of damage elsewhere in the field.

There do not appear to be any walk lines. (I did not do any retouching on this picture.)

It is best seen from the road a bit below the top of the hill.


Thanks to CircleSpeak Productions, I was able to shot aerial video footage of the Pewsey circle this afternoon. Here's a "postcard" showing it in perspective and looking straight down at it.

I used PhotoShop to tweak the color and contrast (the light was overcast), but did not doctor the picture to remove walk lines or anything. The gross walk line, which doesn't quite go into the circle, was not there yesterday.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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