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This is the new formation that appeared June 22nd on West Down, which is where the Beckhampton "Gallops" is (SU 064-687).

What a pleasant surprise I had in store!

Not only is it an attractive formation, but it's very close to a magical little sacred site which I had taken an interesting shot of back in May. The trees, like a cave, enclose a round barrow which has a Sarsen stone on it's summit -- enchanting! To the left of the trees is an archeological "crop marking" where an ancient ditch has been plowed over and the baby wheat was growing darker than the surrounding crop (this has disappeared in my new shot with the crop circle). To the right of the trees is a similar shape, but not plowed, and the white chalk is exposed. The ridges forming a roughly triangular shape is mowed grass that has been raked by machine -- I was lucky to catch
that beautiful accent when I did because the farmer would have collected it for animal feed within a day or two.

Note for purists concerning my "diagram shot" of the crop formation: Although I did not remove the tramlines with PhotoShop (I DO like the look of them sometimes), I have patched up a lot of places inside the circles where my camera lost detail. To do this I have cloned some bits of the laid crop from some circles to fill in gaps in other circles.

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