My pilot called me late yesterday (Sept. 16) afternoon to say he
had discovered a nice crop formation of circles in a line -- so
I immediately flew and shot these pix just before sunset.

The new formation is in the east field of Wabi farm, one km
directly South of Etchilhampton (SU 044-593). It appears to be
in wheat. It is about 250 feet wide and 500 long.

A striking feature is that the circles are accurately aligned at
a diagonal to the tramlines. And the north-east circle, which
has a wavy lay, is right next to a watering trough (shades of
1992 "Charm Bracelet/Dharmic Wheel).

PhotoShop used for color enhancement -- no tramlines or
walk lines removed.

 I went to the Wabi formation in the second week in September 2001 with Mark & Stuart to
take pole shots of the formation (yes, it was STILL standing!). 
Note the "miniature basket weave" and the beautiful wavy lay in
the eastern circle.

There are still a few more shots of other circles coming down
the pike -- I've been running around like a chicken with its
head cut off lately -- but should get them ready for the net
soon. So you still have a few left to look forward to.

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