Speechless. That's what I was as the plane brought "The Galaxy"
in sight -- although that didn't keep me from yelling

This staggeringly beautiful formation is over 700 feet in
diameter, and, counting the little ring at the edge of the field
(that I take to be a signature) [not in this picture but will
send other shots tomorrow] there are 410 circles -- a new

One respected researcher called it "The Orgasm!" Many are
calling it a double, Triple-Julia. Indeed, if you took two of
the 1996 Triple Julia Sets, put one on top of the other, and
curved each arm around so it touched the next arm, you would get
something kinda' like this. Note that the arms are not spirals,
but it makes me think of a galaxy. 

Everyone is saying this feat is beyond human ability. I want to
think about it a bit. Meanwhile, the pictures are flashing
around the planet, the phenomenon is getting a big boost, and
the world is a better place! 

Thank you, High beings -- whoever you are!

Dutch Circle Investigator, Janet Ossebaard waves as I swoop by
overhead. I was pivoting the camera to keep her in the frame,
which resulted in the cool, rotating blur.

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Peter Sorensen

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