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The "Sun Pyramid" which appeared in the East Field on June 21st is an odd formation indeed -- are the creators ETs or Masons?! Arthur C. Clarke told me back in 1993 that he thought the circle makers might be Masons or some such secret organization, because there was so much sacred geometry. (He called me from Sri Lanka to thank me for sending him one of my videos -- I was so surprised and honored that I had to pinch myself!)

The Sun Pyramid was discovered and reported to me by Russell Stannard on midsummer's morning. That afternoon he gave me a lift to the airfield, and afterward we visited the formation. It was only about 18 hours old then, but the young wheat had popped back up nearly 50 %, as you can see.

In my "diagram shot" I have not only removed the tramlines, but I've taken my infamous PhotoShop tricks to new heights (or lows!) by subtly accenting the pyramid to make it look more
three-dimensional. But purists can relax when inspecting my aerial close-up, which is not altered.

Report by Peter Sorensen

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