Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

The amazing and stunningly beautiful "Sunflower" that appeared in Alton Priors between Woodborough Hill and Picked Hill, on August  13th.

Based on ground observation I had assumed it was a Moiré constructed  with dozens of thin rings, but it isn't. It's a pattern made from Phi spirals, like the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower. I have removed the tramlines with Photoshop, as they made a mess of the details.

Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

Close-up of the Woodborough Sunflower, with a tight zoom in on the center. Tramlines removed with Photoshop.

Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

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Image Graham Pritchard Copyright 2000

Graham Pritchard from Chiseldon sent me this spectacular picture of a Mandala which is SO VERY similar to the Woodborough formation. 

He states it is the "Sahasrara, or Thousand Petalled Lotus which is the Crown Chakra or Symbol of Enlightenment in Yogic mysticism."


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