The beautiful "Temporary Temple" in the South Field at Alton Priors.

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A nice shot of the flow inside one of the scallops.

Twin standing stalks at the end of one of the spokes, where the spoke ends in the middle of an outlying semi circle.

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Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

Nick & Bridget were up on Knap Hill for the sunrise, when they noticed a new formation in South Field (across the road from the East
Field), in barley, and went to visit it right away. 

Appeared in the South Field at Alton Priors in Barley on June 19th 2000.
Many of the semi circles around the rim had single stalks in the centers.
Others had a few stalks, and although a few had none standing, I have placed dots
representing the magical standing stalks in every semi circle,
because they may have been there but knocked down by

Diagram Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

Like most of the good formations so far this summer, it's in the 200-foot ballpark, beautifully laid, with the downed crop veering gently from side to side in many places, like water in a stream. It consists of a 50 foot circle in the center with eight scallops around its perimeter, and sixteen spokes radiating outward from it, terminating in semicircles -- and the whole thing enclosed in a ring. (Style-wise, it's unique, and has almost nothing in common with the one below Clay Hill that looked like bicycle spokes a few years ago.)

A really attractive detail is that the semicircles are made with the barley swept in from both sides, so the ears with their long, soft
whiskers, fluff up in the middle where they overlap the spokes. AND in the center of these junctions, many have one, or just a few,
standing stalks. Lovely!

This link shows pictures of a stone carving in Machu Picchu that has the same 16-fold geometry as the Southfield Temple.

Report by  Peter Sorensen 

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