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Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

At LAST -- after a terribly frustrating week since the "Surrealistic Pillow" first appeared, and during which I was desperate to fly this almost shocking formation, but continually thwarted by either the weather or the lack of aircraft, today I finally got aerial shots of it. And just barely, because there was medium-gray overcast covering 99% of the sky. But as we approached windmill hill we saw a small patch of sunshine coming from the other direction, and -- coordinated by the luck of the Irish -- we met the sun directly overhead the formation! The light lasted for one orbit, and then moved on.

Even so, the formation is so grown back in that I had to PhotoShop practically every bit to enhance the contrast and detail. As a result, it looks as much like a watercolor painting as a photo -- but I'm just pleased to get it at all.


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