My first formation report of 2000!

Unfortunately it is not much to write home about in my opinion, but I'm sure some of you will be interested.

The design is two triangles, one about 40 feet high, and the other about 15, joined by a short path at one corner. It is in rapeseed (canola), in a field managed by Tim Carson, near Lockeridge, and was reported may 13th. 

Polly Carson and I were probably the first investigators to visit it. We were disappointed to discover stems broken -- many in two pieces -- and smashed everywhere.  I was happy to be in any formation again, but Polly was not at all pleased by what she saw.

It is not visible from the road. Visitors should take the second tramline up the field from the entry point at the corner of the field to avoid walking through, and damaging more of Tim's crop.

The attached JPEGs show ground shots, one of the Apex of the large triangle, the other shows some of the stems that are broken in two.

Stay tuned, something wonderful is coming soon, I'm sure.

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