Here's the East Field One

OK, Friends, Nick & I hustled off to the formation in the East Field just before Noon  today (Sunday), and I got this shot from below Woodbourough Hill -- the best angle possible from the ground. (No, you might think the best angle is from up on Adam's grave, but from there the angle of the formation slants away from you.)

I tried to figure out the design, walking around the perimeter (a bit under 200 feet in diameter), sketching on a bit of paper as I went. But, beyond suspecting a pentacle was part of it, I was befuddled. 

Then Nick borrowed my pen and, standing in the center, he sketched for a while, and concluded it was a ring with a 5-pointed star in the middle -- but the star is bisected, and those bits flattened or standing in the left side half of the design are just the opposite on the corresponding bits in the right hand side. Not only that, but the confusing part is that the lower portion is quartered. (That's what threw me off.). 

Possibly, when it's seem from the air, the geometry will consist of a pentacle and an equilateral triangle overlapped and bisected. [I hope that's clear!]

The formation is now a day old, and the barley is springing back up. What appear to be lots of "magically standing stems" are actually stalks which were never totally flattened, and are now the first to be standing right straight up again.


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