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Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

I flew the Eight-Fold formation that appeared this morning at Bishops Cannings. Too bad the light wasn't better!

PhotoShop has been used to remove the tramlines from the formation and remove the (supposed) error, so that the geometry can be
better appreciated. 

The error actually was "corrected" in the field a few days later! 

Image Peter Sorensen Copyright 2000

The Four-Fold formation at Bishops Cannings has a significant flaw in its construction. All but one of it's eight "petals" are half flattened and half standing crop, with the dividing line midway, where the petals overlap the central octagon. But the flattened crop in the one petal stops at a tramline, close to the guideline where it should have.

This suggests human error, as it seems like a mistake that would be easy to make in the dark. 

However I've heard two other explanations: 

1) It is an important clue for decoding the geometrical message -- we'll let you know when we figure it out.

2) It's a test of our faith -- sort of like the way that sly old Jehovah hid dinosaur fossils underground to test our faith in the Biblical story of Creation.

Or, is it 3) mischievous Martians having a right big larf at our bewilderment?


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