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Thanks to an email tip from someone who was driving to work at 5:AM this Sunday morning, I was able to promptly visit TWO new formations between Silbury hill and the Wagon & Horses with Nick and friends.

One of two formations that appeared June 11th
near Silbury Hill in Barley.  Over 200 feet in diameter.
It had several little tufts with swirls around them,
distributed randomly (?) in the Star.

(Preliminary diagram - I do not know exactly how they are distributed yet.)

Diagram Peter Sørensen Copyright 2000

Both are over 200 feet in diameter in barley. 

One has a close kinship with the formation across the road, which changed a week ago.  It has a large standing triangle set in a flattened hexagon, enclosed in a ring, and with a circle in the center.

The other has a flattened eight-fold form in the middle, rather like two overlapping squares. This, blunt, 8-pointed star, is encompassed by four (I think) thin rings, each logarithmically larger than the one before.

The most interesting thing was several small clumps of standing stalks in the star; each surrounded by a swirl. They were just like the standing centers that are frequently seen in the centers of circles, but these were randomly distributed in the space. It was Nick who spotted this oddity. The actual center was a VERY tightly twisted wad of stalks, only a few inches in diameter.

One of two formations that appeared June 11th
near Silbury Hill in Barley. Over 200 feet.

Diagram Peter Sørensen Copyright 2000

One of the accompanying JPEGs shows one of these clumps. Another picture shows part of the star as seen from one of the rings. And there is a view which is dominated by a corner of the flattened hexagon, with Silbury Hill in the background, and the 8-fold star barely visible in the middle distance.

The farmer is charging two pounds to go in -- a quid apiece -- a fair deal!


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