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"Let Us Remember Dragons"

A Meteorological Connection  In Crop Circles


Ed Sherwood


During the early 1980s a theory emerged offering a completely natural explanation for the origin of many crop circles. It is called the ‘Plasma Vortices Theory’ and its main proponent is Professor Terrence Meaden; a meteorologist.

According to Professor Meaden, a genuine crop circle is the effect of a "descending energetic vortex from the atmosphere, a vortex of air which is ionised to the point at which it is better regarded as a species of low-density cool plasma, producing a high-energy electromagnetic field."

The Plasma Vortices Theory describes how a rotating mass of electrically charged air (reported as a UFO) might form from certain weather conditions and topographical features in the landscape. (See ‘References’)

Many people, including myself, have experienced UFOs associated with crop circles. Of the 56 that I saw between 1992 and 1996 while living within three miles of East Field (one of England’s most prodigious crop circle sites), 31 looked ‘plasma-like’: luminous, diffusely edged ‘fire balls’ that materialised in a variety of colours, though most often amber, or ‘Golden’, and/or red; and 29 of those occurred in the same weather conditions, characterised by calm stable air, high pressure, high humidity, and low to no wind speed.

While not supporting the idea that crop circles are created by weather, it can be observed that the physics of meteorology plays an important part in the formative process of many crop circles, including ‘Pictograms’.


Looking strangely ‘Hieroglyphic’, the East Field crop circle pictogram appeared during the pre-dawn hours of July 11th 1990 near the villages of Alton Priors and Alton Barnes; in Wiltshire, England. (Fig.1)

dragon1.gif (1415 bytes)


It was the longest and most complex formation to have appeared up to that time, the first to involve ‘claw-like’ and ‘foot-like’ design features and to include a double ‘dumb-bell’. It was also the first ‘Crop Circle’ to manifest in East Field; belonging to farmer and resident of Alton Barnes, Tim Carson.

Apart from its unique design and massive size (measured at 405 feet long), there was evidence of : 90 degree plant stem bending (in this case wheat) without a break or crease; ‘Gap Seeking’, a physical effect on ‘downed’ plant flow when crossing or approaching tractor lines; repeated electrical equipment malfunctioning when inside the pictogram, as experienced by National and International television crews within days of its forming; and ‘Tangential Geometry’ giving a precise alignment and spacing of design elements.


Naturally curious about the symbols and their possible meaning, I tried to ‘read’ them soon after the formation appeared. Nine months later a spark of inspiration lead to a startling discovery: 

dragon2.gif (7262 bytes)

dragon3.gif (3419 bytes)

Fig: 2a & 2b

The pictogram symbolised a forecast of the prevailing weather over East Field, before and after the crop circle event. This was represented by the double dumb-bell, and International Meteorological Symbols depicting the very ‘ideal’ plasma forming weather conditions that occurred during the 10th and 11th of July 1990. The formation confirmed and challenged the role of meteorology in crop circle physics. (Fig.2)

To be sure, I checked the symbols and orientation of the pictogram against National weather forecasts published in the ‘Guardian’ newspaper, and hourly print outs from the ‘Met’ station at Lynham, approximately 11 miles North/North East of East Field. The results of this inquiry completely verified its ‘Meteorological Message’ , and that was not all. If viewed metaphorically, and in an ancient cultural context (i.e.: Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, and Greek.), the meteorological symbols soon took on other meanings.


Water, important in meteorology, has long been recognised as an element of the crop circle phenomenon, and perhaps not surprisingly, can be ‘seen’ in the design of some notable formations.


The symbol used by meteorologists to represent wind force and direction is known as a ‘Wind Feather’. (Fig.4) As a symbol it is reflected in many formations , and has helped in reading them. A perfect example was the pictogram that formed at the Neolithic site of Old Sarum in 1992, that incorporated wind feather symbols to create a pair of metaphorical ‘wings’ and a ‘tail’ to what I suspect to be a symbolised ‘Crow’ or ‘Raven’. (Fig.4)


With its ‘head’ and ‘beak’ pointing directly at Old Sarum, its central axis reflects an alignment between that site and Stonehenge, represented by the ringed circle.

Old Sarum and Stonehenge are exactly six miles apart "As the crow flies", when measured from the centre of each site. The pictogram shows six circle areas of what was flattened crop.

Throughout the ancient world the Raven and Crow were thought to be the confidant and messenger of the ‘Gods’, processing the power of prophesy. To the Greeks and Romans the Crow was a ‘weather prophet’. In the British Isles the Raven was considered to be an oracle. In Ireland the phrase ‘a ravens knowledge’ means to see and know all.

Considering this, could the pictogram be saying; "This is a metaphorical message from the ‘Source’ (also represented by the ringed circle), once revered at ancient sacred sites, from which and to which the ‘messenger’ of the Gods flies?" (i.e.: along ‘Leylines’) Hmm.


Incredibly, the windy Giza Plateau also received a crop circle formation in 1992, incorporating a wind feather in its design. (Fig.5)


Exploring ‘Eastern Traditions’ in folklore, legends, earth sciences, and religion provides many clues to understanding the crop circle phenomenon, especially in terms of its implied physics and metaphysics.

In China where the ancient science of ‘Feng -Shui’ (translated: ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’), or ‘Geomancy’ has been practised for over 2000 years, the Chinese have long held the idea that the Earth, like the human body, is covered by a matrix of invisible lines of subtle magnetic force, referred to as ‘Lung Mei’ translated ‘Dragon Paths’.

In England Lung Mei correspond to ‘Leylines’, and references to them have appeared in the design, geometry, orientation ,and location of many formations, including several pictograms from East Field. (Fig.6) Taking each in turn:


The major axis of the 1990 pictogram was aligned to Magnetic North, the primary ‘Geomantic’ compass bearing.

It was also crossed by several Lung Mei, and with its wind feathers ‘doubling’ as symbolic legs, feet, and claws, the pictogram even takes on the appearance of a symbolised Dragon, traversing its path across the land.

In 1992 the symbol of a ‘Snail’ formed. I later learned that scientists have found that snails perceive extremely weak magnetic fields (Lung Mei) by which they navigate. Also, in old England a snail was called a ‘Dodman’, which could mean: ‘an ancient surveyor of the landscape, a term given to ancient ‘Geomancers’.

And in 1996 a spectacular formation ‘mirrored’, amongst other things; Lung Mei, by symbolising and combining the path of a ‘Serpent’, historically interchangeable with Dragon, and the path of two snails. As John Haddington stated in 1992 (See ‘References’, including Dodman), Latin for snail is ‘Helix Nemoralix’, or in the case of two snails: a ‘Double Helix’!


There have been reports of inaudible and audible sounds emanating from the centre of some crop circles, or from their vicinity.

On July 29th 1990, at approximately 12pm, at a formation directly opposite the East Field pictogram, a pulsing whining sound issued from the centre of the largest of three circles. (Fig.7) Although clearly recorded on audio tape at the time as a distinct sound, it was otherwise inaudible to the three witnesses present: Rita Gould, Vince Palmer, and myself.


Another sound, this time audible, is known as the ‘Trilling Sound’, or "electronic sparrow", as Colin Andrews once aptly called it. Measured at 5.2KH, it is a sound that seems ‘localised’, from a distance, and ‘all encompassing’ when very close. I have experienced it three times to date.

On a ‘resonant’ note a striking correlation exists in an old Chinese tale: ‘Yui Yi & The Dragon King’, as it describes Dragons in human form in the process of changing back to Dragons:

"All around them, the sudden chattering of the courtiers rose like the twittering and trilling of thousands of birds, like the liquid songs of flutes or the chiming of bells. In the pearly light, the courtiers shapes seemed to dissolve and form again and again, as if the atoms of creation were dancing. 


Dragons feet have appeared in a number of impressive formations since East Field, 1990. They include: Milk Hill (Left), on the following night; East Kennett (Right), just over two weeks later, and Silbury Hill (Center), on August 18th 1992. (Fig.8)


In each case the ‘foot’ was symbolised with three ‘claws’, which could be a reference to ‘Tatsu’, a Dragon in Japanese folklore identified by three claws (unlike Chinese Dragons that have either four or five) on each foot. This Dragon was thought to be capable of changing form and size at will, even to the point of invisibility. Interestingly, Japan was the only country in the Orient to report crop circles in 1990, the same year that Dragons feet first entered crop circle design.

Another twist to this very ‘Holographic’ phenomenon are ‘Dragons footprints’, a term given to areas of irregularly flattened crop, resembling ‘elemental’ footprints (Fig.8, ‘Dragons Spoor’), that sometimes precede or accompany a crop circle event, and display biophysical anomalies characteristic of non manmade formations. (See ‘References’)


‘Dragon Lane’ is the road sign name for a narrow village road built on a prominent Leyline leading both to an ancient sacred site called ‘Swanborough Tump’ and a field a little way beyond that known for its crop circles and references to Lung Mei. (Fig.6) Yes, we return to East Field and another ‘Sign’ of the Dragon.

To the ancient Chinese, and Japanese, Dragons were weather lords’, masters of the wind with control over water. Their flight was the wind; their breath, the mists and rain. Thought to be spirits that spiralled the sky and blew the clouds along, resting in regions beyond the bounds of air, they were ordinarily seen as the ever changing patterns of the weather. As great clouds, storms, wind squalls and whirlwinds, they left their mark on land, flattening crops and causing rivers to flood. (Fig.9)


Eastern Dragons were said to be as fluid as the elements, and water was their place of residence. I learned from Gerald Hawkins last year that ‘Alton’ as in Alton Barnes and Alton Priors is an old English word meaning "source of a river", and that the source of the Avon (a river that flows within a mile of Stonehenge) begins at the foot of East Field.

Many crop circle formations have appeared in close proximity to water, either or both above and below ground sources. There is even evidence of a phenomenon very similar to crop circles having occurred in the Sea! (See ‘References’) Also, water has been a reoccurring theme reflected in crop circle design symbolism since 1988. Other examples include: Stonehenge 1997; Liddington Castle 1996; Stockbridge Down 1995; Oliver’s Castle 1994; Cherhill 1993; Silbury Hill 1992; Firs Farm 1991 and East Field 1990. Like a stream of clear consciousness WATER (amongst other things) is reflected again and again, as a key element of the crop circle making process. Another sign?

Chinese folklore says "If Dragon fire comes into contact with wetness it flames, and if it meets water it burns". In the damp Wiltshire valley known as the ‘Vale of Pewsey’ anomalous light forms are not uncommon. Of those that I have seen, from distances of several miles to a few hundred feet away, more than half were best described as: ‘Plasma Balls’; ‘Plasma Vorticies’; ‘Earthlights’; ‘Amber Gambolars’; ‘Fire Balls’; and ‘Dragons Fire’. (See ‘References’)

 Dr. W.C.Levengood, a noted biophysicist and expert in crop circle plant analysis, had this to say about plants sampled from the 1996 Laguna Canyon crop circle formation: As we have seen in the past, this degree of change in the cell wall pit diameters indicates the plants were exposed to a very rapid, high heat input." Signs of internal heating have appeared in other ways too, such as stem node swelling, splitting, and expulsion cavities. These effects have occurred in the stem node areas where water is most concentrated . (See ‘References’)

On the 8/9th of August 1986 in a mountainous part of Yamagata Province, Japan, a single crop circle appeared in a rice paddy. That night a ‘bright orange light’ was seen in the vicinity, severe television interference was experienced at a nearby house, and approximately 20 tons of water vanished from the field.

At another formation that appeared on the 18th of August 1992 near Silbury Hill, in Wiltshire, a metal water trough became an incorporated design feature in one of the most beautiful pictograms to grace the English countryside to date. Clearly underscoring the importance of water the trough had also been partly emptied by the event. (Fig.5/8)

Apart from the Silbury Hill formation referencing water it also consisted of nine different design symbols; eight joined by a narrow ring and one in the center. In the monumental Chinese Medical treaties the ‘Pan Ts’ao Kang Mu’, compiled at the end of the 16th century, and the ‘Nine Dragon Scroll’ of mid-13th century, there were said to be Nine Dragons revered in China.

One of the Nine Dragons; ‘The Golden Dragon’ or ‘Cosmic Dragon’ was given greater importance than his fellow kinsfolk. Said to be the colour of the Sun, like an Amber Gamboler I suspect, this Dragon was described as an elusive, enigmatic, august and solitary creature that disdained display. Scholars wrote: "He can be large or small, short or long, obscure or manifest, alive or dead. The King cannot drain his pool or catch him (like we cannot ‘catch’ the genuine ‘Circlemakers’). His intelligence and virtue are unfathomable. He does not go in company or live in herds. He waits for the wind and rain and deports himself in the azure air. He wanders in the wilds among the heavens. He comes and goes, and at the proper season (Summer!), if there is perfection, he comes forth, if not, he remains unseen". (See ‘References’)

The Golden Dragon also appears in ancient Egypt. The first religion of Egypt was based on ‘Nine Creation Gods’, and like the Nine Dragons of China, one was deified more than any other. Named ‘Atum’, he represented ‘The Emissary’ of the Nine Gods; the ‘Messenger of Messengers’ who in one act of divine ‘communication’ was said to have given birth to the fundamental forces of the Universe, symbolised by the Nine Gods. He is depicted in sculpture as The Great Sphinx at Giza. Did we not receive a sign at Giza in 1992 in the form of a crop circle pictogram? (Fig.5)

Atum, The Golden Dragon, has also been known by other names including: ‘Re-Harakhti’ (‘Re’ pronounced ray) was the Egyptian Sun-god, Herenkar, Harmarkos, Tehuti, and the name for the ‘Spokesman’ of the ‘Council of Nine’ in more recent times: Tom. (See ‘References’*)

Discovered by Vince Palmer on the 30th of July, and in keeping with one of the central concerns of Tom, and ‘The Nine’, a 30 foot circle appeared in a wheat field at a village called Palestine in 1990, situated only a few miles from Stonehenge. In 1995, the largest and finest to date nine ringed spiral design formed in young barley, its location near Beckhampton, in Wiltshire, closely corresponding to the ‘Earth Analogue Site’ of the ‘Face on Mars’, also known as the ‘Martian Sphinx’. (See ‘References’) With its location referencing Atum, and its design, The Council of Nine, the knoll Down formation was simplicity itself. (Fig.10)


From the ‘Dragons Forecast’ of 1990 to the ‘GaiaMind’ formation of 1997 (Fig.11) are many non man-made pictograms reflecting ‘Nine’ and ‘Dragons’ in their design symbolism. (Fig.11)



Formations like the East Field pictogram of 1990 (and many more not included in this article) are, in my view, created from the Psychokinetic Energy of our own Collective Mind (Collective Consciousness),  in conjunction with natural forces and processes of the Earth and Cosmos. What I understand to be the ‘Infinite Intelligence’ (symbolised by Nine Dragons, or Nine Gods) does not exist outside CREATION, but lives and manifests through us, and every living thing, everywhere, always. In 1952, via the Collective Consciousness of Dr Vinod (See ‘References’**) the ‘Spokesman’ had this to say about their reality: "We are Nine Principles and Forces, Personalities if you will, working in complete mutual implication. We are forces, and the nature of our work is to accentuate the positive, the evolutional, and the teleological aspects of existence." The Spokesman continued: "To be simple, we accentuate certain directions as will fulfil the destiny of creation."

As we approach a New Millennium the ‘Signs’ of a world in transition are before us, like a ‘Course in Miracles’ from humanities ‘Higher Self’, they reflect the language of literal and metaphorical symbolism, and a message  for us all: While every thought , and every intention, every feeling and act of giving attention has an ‘effect’ in a Psychokinetic Universe, let us remember the power of prayer and meditation. "Let Us Remember Dragons".

dragon14.gif (5021 bytes)




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This article is excerpted from a larger work in progress. It may be copied and distributed for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be published anywhere, or for monetary gain, without written permission from the author. Ed Sherwood July 1997.  

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