The final photogramic evidence against Olivers Castle formation

by Freddy Silva

Further to Michael Glickman's further outpourings on the Oliver's Castle video, I'd like to submit further evidence which is actually right in Michael's expert subject, sacred geometry.

I've been working with photo correction for a number of years, helping Gerald Hawkins overlay his Euclidean theorems over actual formations, with enormous success. As you are aware, Gerald's work has yet to be disproved despite an open challenge to quarter of a million mathematicians. I have further applied the same technique and have similarly discovered that real crop circles have a tendency to be created by a blueprint based on regenerative geometry which encompasses the systems of sacred geometry (akin to John Martineau's early work). By appling this to hoaxes it is clear that man made designs do not comply with these fixed mathematical laws.

Here, then, is an overhead shot of the Oliver's Castle formation. It is a basic hexagonal framework. Over said photo I have laid the regenerative blueprint. I would be greatly honoured to see an explanation by Michael, or any other person versed in sacred geometry, as to why such a straight forward design cannot follow the fixed rules of a hexagonal framework. In the case of the NE arm, the discrepancy is some 14 feet from true alignment.

oliverhoax.jpg (17773 bytes)

In case it has been forgotten, I was the person contacted by Wabe two days before he set out to video the incident. Or to quote him; "where do you recommend I go to look for some crop circle action that I might videotape? And if I catch something on tape, where will I find you?"

It may also be wise to recollect that I was the first person to be contacted with the video, and that I, along with Jane Ross and Nick Nicholson, saw a crop circle already formed on the video over which balls flew. Incidentally, I hadn't confirmed this with Nick till I saw him a year later. When I asked him. "What was it you saw on that footage that evening," he replied, "a crop circle completely formed on the ground and then balls of light flying over it."

I was also at the site at 6am next morning to view the design. It was a bloody mess even then, and I certainly must have been one of the first people there. Infra red photo results of the formation associated it with man made designs. The rest you can read on my web site, if you really want to keep flogging a dead horse. 

The media is currently undergoing a major new effort to debunk the whole phenomenon once again. We will do ourselves, and the Circlemakers, a really big favour by stopping all the bickering, the animosity and the egocentrics by pooling our resources and admitting that sometimes WE DO GET IT WRONG. There's no shame in that. The important thing is to learn, and then put forward a solid argument that counterbalances the disinformation now being fed to the public.

There are many crucial pieces of evidence that prove we are dealing with a real phenomenon. The OC video is not one of them. Let's move on.

Freddy Silva

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