Colin Andrews response to Michael Glickman - Olivers Castle Confession.

I accept that I am about to break my golden rule, which has been not to react to angry commentary or back bighting.

Michael Glickman has a reputation for irrational outbursts. This is just one more, but needs some redressing.

My only thought in placing a statement on the Internet about The Oliver's Castle video, was to make my own findings available to those who claim to be researchers. It is not my opinion that John Wabe is responsible for this hoax, as Michael Glickman says, John Wabe has admitted to it, with very ample evidence. How can Wabe's confession be confused with Colin Andrews ego and unsubstantiated statements?

Michael is correct to point out that he is entitled to his opinion, be it based upon incomplete data. He makes so many unsubstantiated and highly charged statements that I will simply not respond to them all. The only thing that is important to say, in the public's interest, is that John Wabe is on the record (filmed) as telling the media that he and the studio in Bristol made this video and how. There is much more on the video, including the filming of telephone calls to The Barge Inn and to Lee Winterson and Freddy Silva etc... Many researchers here accepted my invitation three weeks ago to view the filmed confession which I had flown to my USA office.

All the inquiries carried out by investigative professionals proved this film to be a hoax and John Wabe to be at the centre of it. When all the evidence points to this and the man involved admits to it, most rational people would accept that the mystery had been solved. My statement was based upon first hand investigation and viewing of the original film, the confession film, expert analysis in Las Vegas and an interview with John Wabe - not from behind a desk somewhere at the end of a computer terminal taking a stab at it.

There is no question in my mind that when Wabe or the media who hold this confession film go public with it (as I hope they will) it will convince most people.

I negotiated with the media to have this footage surface so that the rumours of its existence could be satisfied. That was done not for Colin Andrews ego ,but to progress our knowledge.

The confession material has been viewed by a number of researchers here and my invitation holds for other interested parties to come and view it. I can not do more than that as I do not have permission to show it on television or to send copies to people.

Issuing my original statement had its risks, but my intention was to inform.

Finally, I am aware of some video experts who are impressed with the Olivers Castle video. I have twice visited one such expert Jim Dilettoso, in Las Vegas and have looked at his analysis. It is impressive work he has done, but all that he has discovered can be accounted for in the account of it's construction by Wabe and First Cut studio. The methods employed by them were filmed and are included in the confession video.

Where so many different points of view surround such a situation, it is obvious that many will be eventually seen to be just plain wrong when all the facts are known. If we can not accept factual information and truthful discovery, then we close down our options to mature.

Regretting the necessity to make this placement - Sincerely

Colin Andrews.

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