Oliver's Castle video: John Wabe filmed confession - Flown to CPR offices. "I did it and why"

Coincidental to your comments about Michael Glickman still putting out the Oliver's Castle video as real, I have just viewed the confession interview by John Wabe.

It is clear by what I have witnessed in this filmed interview, that his confession was made as a direct result of my own findings. As you know, two years ago, my investigations uncovered his real name, and the studio where he works as " First Cut" studios in Bristol, England.

I have been in close contact with the owners of this film for some while and recently agreed to have it flown to my offices in the USA. Wabe says why he did it and how. Two versions of events were prepared to cover the film as authentic (the original story) and later the second version, when it was obvious I had found him out.

After all the mileage had been made out of the camp who believed in it, and the various television stations had run with it for all it was worth,he then decided to concede to my findings. It is revealing to see both plans at work in the video from Wabe and the "First Cut" studio.

Subsequent to my earlier findings, Nippon Television and Lee Winterson acting upon my information set about checking them out. They confirmed the findings (see statement issued by Lee Winterson).

I am now in possession of the promotional tape put out by Wabe. Two versions of events had been filmed by Wabe and his studio. The first to cover the original story, had any of us been silly enough to fall for it, and the second being the confession and how they made it and why.

This filmed confession with other material it contains, plus additional information I discovered in England during August this year, confirms all my earlier findings, those being that the Oliver's Castle video is a fraud.

While conducting further inquiries in England this August, I came across more incriminating and important (but confidential) information about Wabe. This was given to Attorney Mr. Peter Gersten.

Apart from those who just so badly want to believe it is real against all the evidence, this brings the whole issue once and for all to an end. Now we know, that it will live on in the eyes of hardened believers, but it is important the public are not deceived any further.

The biggest laugh John Wabe has got out of this production has been at the expense of people like Michael Glickman, and perhaps the "Sussex Circular" who go on month after month digging themselves further and further into disrepute with it - Unfortunately along with the important phenomenon itself - that remains with us through all ego's and other human stuff.

The filmed interview and other filmed material from Wabe, is being shown by C.P.R. to interested researchers here in Connecticut this week end. C.P.R. does not have authority to make copies of the film, which has been sent to us for research purposes only.

Paul - In view of the nonsense that some people are still putting out about the video, I think it is important we release a statement. Why not get a few more eyes onto your site by posting to all the big crop circle sites the fact that they should link back to CPR Canada for an important statement on the John Wabe Video??

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