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Updated Sunday 4th May 1997

To: Roland Pargeter

Fax #: 011-44-1934-713180

From: Colin Andrews - CPR International - (US Office)

Date: 14th April 1997

Dear Roland

Glastonbury Conference.

I do hope you enjoyed your latest trip to India and that your energy was replenished in time for another heavy bout of work, back in England.

I too have been away doing research and lectures in Germany and Japan and feel like I could do with some recharging.

On this occasion I have bad news for you. I have been observing the crop circle fraternity falling deeper and deeper into total denial of the facts surrounding the subject. This is in the main the result of the influence of a handful of magazine editors and new CCCS board members who are misquoting and mishandling information for there own agendas. This unfortunate state of affairs reflects badly upon the many good and well meaning members of CCCS and other organisations. Some would have us believe via their Internet statements, magazine articles and television interviews that ALL crop circles are real and this is a proven fact with the only tools necessary in research i.e. dowsing rods. Ample data supports quite the opposite is true. Many crop circles are real and dowsing is a useful tool - but that is different to what the public are hearing.

The crop circle phenomenon itself is not being served well by these people and the troubled media receive just the support they need for their own views, those being that anybody interested in the mystery is mad and the circles have to be a human new age creation to attract such odd balls. I must say I think the respectable ground once achieved is being rapidly lost to those who are getting carried away with forming a new religious following, instead of keeping to research and honesty.

My hard thought out decision was actually quite easy to come to after I asked myself just one question. Do I genuinely seek the truth. The answer has always and continues to be yes.

I can see little merit at this time in presenting my latest findings, as exciting as they are, to a high profile crop circle event of this kind. Only to be understood and appreciated by a few and wilfully attacked or misquoted by the people to whom I refer, and whom concern me greatly.

I have spent many years now trying to promote the scientific and spiritual enquiry. Yes, spiritual, as in inner truth and personal growth as well as knowledge. My work will continue, all be it currently on a lower profile. My results will be published via the CPR International newsletter and other media when appropriate.

It is with great regret I must disappoint you and some of your audience in Glastonbury this year, by not accepting your usual kind invitation to speak. I do hope those lovely people I have so enjoyed in Glastonbury will understand my position and feelings. I do wish you and your conference well and hope that as the truth wins through that a change of spirit and attitude will re-emerge in those who appear to have lost their way.

For anybody who wishes to make contact with me, please write to:

PO Box 3378
Connecticut (CT) 06405-1978 USA
Tel/Fax: 203-483-0822

Best wishes
Colin Andrews

PS: You may read the following reason to the audience at your conference - if you wish.

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