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Updated Sunday 10th November 1996.

ITEMS Dollars Pounds
BOOKS Circular Evidence:

Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado The first book written on the subject, complete with pictures, site details, theories and personal experiences. A Classic!

16.95 10.00
CPR Catalogue of Images: Vol 3 (includes Vol 1&2) Computer generated images of different crop patterns, complete with locations and dates. Covers types 1-345 through 1994. 15.00 10.00
CPR Catalogue of Images: Vol 4 Update of Vol 3, covers Type 345-420, includes 1995 formations. 5.00 3.00
VIDEOS Undeniable Evidence:

1991 Arc Soundwaves Production. Scientific evidence, Gaia theory and indigenous connection. Excellent aerial video and quality, great introduction to the subject. 60 minutes

20.00 10.99
Mystery of the Crop Circles: 1991 Hesseman Productions. The most comprehensive coverage to date. Covers UFO connection, sacred sites, geometries and more. Interviews John Michell, Colin Andrews, Pat Delgado, George Wingfield, Busty Taylor. 124 Minutes. 39.95 24.95
Colin Andrews Lecture at Madison Square Garden 1995. Walker Productions - Crop Circle Lecture update with 1995 formations, most recent information and analysis. 120 minutes. 30.00 N/A
COLOUR PHOTOPOSTERS (11x17) Eight images per year: Circle the year desired and give quantity. 1991___ 1992___ 1993____ 1994___ 1995___ 1996___ 5.00 ea. 3.00 ea.
BOXED NOTE CARDS by Geremia Graphics. Blank cards with 12 different crop circles per box. Computer designed, very clean and elegant. With envelopes. 10.00 7.00
CROP CIRCLE EARRINGS by The Alchemist. Each design is constructed by the overlaying of two different metal types creating a three dimensional effect. Brass/Copper or Nickel/Copper combinations. Be sure to specify first choice. Barbury Castle (T101) Mother is crying (T41) Mandelbrot (T100) Alton Barnes (T34) Insectogram (T120) Bythorn (T254) Please substitute metal types if your first choice is not available. PIERCED ONLY. 14.00 7.00

Yearly Subscription: Published bi-annually. All the latest, most up to date information, with yearly photoposter of eight images. 17.00 10.00
Back Issues Vol 1: 1992 - articles include; History of the Crop Circle Sound; Diatronic Ratios; CSETI experiment in UK; interpretations; Canadian Circles; Eyewitness Accounts, Photoposter of 1992 8.00 5.00
Back Issues Vol 2: 1993 - articles include; Sound Analysis; Eye witness accounts-part 2; Japanese UFO Museum, U.N. Lecture; Hoaxing Rebuttal; Diatronic update; 1993 Photoposter. 10.00 6.00
Back Issues Vol 3: 1994 - Pyramid claims; Roswell Film; 1994 formations and research; Circles in North America; Mindwave Research; Crop Circle Convention; 1994 Photposter. 10.00 6.00
Back Issues Vol 4: 1995 - Roswell Update; Spiritual Geometry; Statement by Nick Pope, MOD Official; Military Interest in Crop Circles; Mexican Expedition; Solar System and T367; 1995 Photposter. 12.00 8.00

POSTCARDS Celtic Cross 0.50 0.30
Set of six 1994 images 3.50 2.50

Sizes, Medium, Large, Xlarge Regular ink 20..00 n/a
Specify colour preference (two Choices), size and ink Metallic ink 25.00 n/a

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