Updated Monday 14th October 1996

Oliver`s Castle, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Formed 11th August.

Updated 14-10-96

I have received several telephone calls regarding irresponsible statements being made regarding what I have said about the video.

A number of so called crop circle researchers producing there own newsletters and one much larger circulation magazine have quoted me as saying I believe the video is real and shows the crop circles being formed by the ufos - Nonsense. It strikes me that this might have been the intentions of the people behind the video. And because I did not run with it we have these irresponsible people within the crop circle research ranks now making sure that I am known to have gone with it even though I have not. It looks a little like a campaign of out Colin that research. I HAVE NEVER said that I thought it was authentic - in fact quite the opposite.

I have spent a great deal of time and money in keeping to my promise made to the mysterious 'John' who has not returned one telephone call since he left the Wagon and Horses pub the day of our initial meeting. I am learning a great deal about him and others and I am of the opinion when we have the whole story it will indeed make the headlines.

I ask only one thing of the trouble makers who are putting out this disinformation - get on with your own research or have the decency to tell me why you want me out of doing my own. Let us grow up and report the facts to the people not the political and ego garbage that we are so sick of. I hope the readers of our own newsletter agree, I have always credited ourselves with publishing only the data/facts, no personal attacks and politics will be found in it.

Best wishes

Colin Andrews (written in a rush before yet another flight - not spell/error checked)

Updated 18-9-96

Statement to selected Researchers/Internet/Media

The video allegedly showing Ufos over crop circle formation as it is forming is almost certain hoax.

From: Colin Andrews, CPRI - 16th September 1996.

After several weeks of investigation into the video supposedly showing four UFO spheres over a field while crop circles formed, reveal disturbing findings. The young man who took the film gave his name as John Wheyleigh. He is a young man of approximately 25 years old and attended Nottingham Trent University in the past as has another man with a similar name John Wabe who lives at Maple Grove, Bath, Avon. The latter, studied 'American Studies' and is in partnership with a company in Bristol that edits video film for television companies.

When John Wheyleigh asked me to research his footage for him, he asked me to sign a roughed out contract. He suggested giving me 10% of all monies earned by this footage if any were forthcoming. He gave other details which have been checked out by agencies in England. These details which were purported to belong to him, in fact belong to John Wabe.

Contact has been attempted with John Wheyleigh over several weeks without success. A telephone call to the home and work place of John Wabe has been answered by a man around 40 years claiming he has never heard of Wabe or Wheyleigh. Other enquiries are in hand and I have sought police advice regarding legal proceedings should that be necessary.

Many things have not looked right with the film or the man since I met him in the Wagon and Horses pub where he asked to meet.

I have had an opportunity to match the video with the crop pattern details as recorded by CPR the day after discovery and study other details which trouble me in the film itself. My conclusions pending detailed plant analysis results and photographic analysis, is that both the crop pattern and the video are hoaxes and both probably by the same group. What is most concerning is the planned intentions of the hoaxers. I have reason to believe that several persons are involved in this fraud scam and the video/television business is likely involved in it.

In view of my findings it is not my intention to do any more work with the film but to spend some more limited resources in trying to learn more about the people concerned.

Some people might have been prompted by one well known Eric Beckjord (The Big foot in California), into believing that my reasons for not showing the world it sooner was so that I could make a lot of money out of. I want to make it perfectly clear that no money has been given to me for the film, although many television stations wanted it and so did many researchers. My promise to the mysterious John was to have it analysed and the results and then the film would then have been shared with all. The many other allegations made by Beckjord in his open Internet letter are untrue and inflammatory if not libellous (not for the first time).

I think we can see by developments so far, that this was by far the right way to have gone about it. It is so unfortunate that the crop pattern and subsequent film appears to have been designed to damage researchers like myself and Peter Sorenson and the phenomena itself.

Peter Sorenson has recently been given a copy of the film by "John" as has video film maker Lee Winterton. Peter is also having it analysed in the USA, but early indications from his investigations too are very disturbing.

Colin Andrews

Circles Phenomenon Research International : PO Box 3378 Branford, CT 06405-1978.

Press Release:
The alleged film
showing crop circles
From Colin Andrews - C.P.R. International
UPDATE -10th September 1996.

This second press release is intended to keep researchers and general public in touch with developments.

The video in question was filmed by a young man overlooking 'Oliver's Castle', Wiltshire showing what he alleges are four small white spheres over a field in which a crop circle arrangement can be seen forming. The film was secured at around 5.0 AM on the 11th August.

A private detective agency has been engaged by Circles Phenomenon Research International to investigate certain aspects of this case. Initial results of the agencies investigations give rise for considerable concern. It appears that several individuals are concerned with this film and not just the man "John" who claims to have filmed it. Other enquiries are ongoing and we will keep you informed.

I recently showed the footage to audiences in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas and last week end near Springfield, Missouri. At the latter gathering were well known researchers Peter Davenport, Courtney Brown, Michael Lindemann, Forest Crawford, John Carpenter and film expert Jim Dilettoso.

Several computer experts also viewed the footage and I would like to share some comments and observations made to me after the showings.

In favour of the film:

1. It looks convincing.

2. If this is the same footage shown to researchers at the 'Barge Inn' near Devizes at 10.50 PM on the 11th August this year, then very little time existed to artificially produce the effects of the UFO spheres and crop pattern forming. (Keep in mind that none of those present saw the crop circles form through the camera's black and white view finder - it is possible their attention was drawn to the spheres and they missed the event below which was less obvious in black and white).

3. The army officer with personnel who were said to have spoken to 'John' might have been part of an army exercise in this area. The army WERE in the area that night on a NATO exercise.

4. Features described in the crop circle literature can be seen. Including the speed of circles forming.

5. Film expert Jim Dilettoso believes this material would have been a feat in image processing in of itself, let alone back engineer the crop formation to no formation and from the formation with no spheres to having spheres, all this in a very short period of time. He is however, going to be one of the experts who will check the film itself in the near future.

Against the footage:

The camera appears to be already set up for the event with the crop pattern forming dead centre of the frame. The frame does not change during the construction of the crop pattern, even as the spheres leave the field "John" does not follow them or attempt to zoom as if anticipating the arrival of the second pair of spheres.

His comments recorded on the sound track during the construction appear to fall short of the words or general level of excitement one might have expected.

Many research discoveries publicly attributed to me have been neatly packaged into the sequence. Even "John's" comments add others, for example:

Small UFO spheres frequently seen in the vicinity of crop circle fields.

Army personnel have been showing an interest in the circles and have been seen in the vicinity of fields before discovery.

A term used by me frequently to describe the dramatic evolution of the formations around May 1990 has been -- " a snow flake freezing". The pattern formed in the sequence is like a basic snow flake design.

Sound similar to electrostatic crackling or a cricket have been heard and recorded (claimed by some to be the Grass Hopper Warbler bird). "John" told researchers in the pub (but not me), that his attention was drawn to the field around 5.0 AM on that morning because he heard a sound like a cricket.

Other eye witness accounts of crop circles forming have all agreed that they form very fast and around ten seconds. I have frequently reported this fact. The film shows this in seven seconds. They also talk of an area of plants oscillating first then like the opening of a woman's hand held fan, dropping to the ground. Just as is seen in this footage. (One might expect these features to have existed at Oliver's Castle if the literature has pointed to them as relevant. But to have them all together and to arrive on our door step this way is greatly suspicious.)

Why was it that "John" met other researchers and was happy to show them the film but appeared to be determined that I would be the person to run with it first. Perhaps because of my prominence and public exposure.

When Synthia (my wife) and I met "John" at the Wagon and Horses pub he was very nervous and was very anxious to leave as soon as the signature had been obtained on a hand written contract. We were also of the opinion that there were observers outside and inside the pub who might have been part of what was going on. No shadow exists around the wall of the early phase of the formation but drops in within the last seconds.

Finally, and very important. The snowflake formation which is seen forming on the film was inspected soon after its discovery by a C.P.R. team and they reported broken plants and irregular corridors, which were confirmed from our aerial film taken shortly afterwards. Broken plants are not evidence of hoaxing especially as other people had entered the formation before them -- however it gives reason to be doubtful. Their visual assessment was that it was very suspicious -- probably man made. (We have the construction sequence from the team on the ground and that will be carefully checked against the film.)

A number of leading film analysts will shortly take a look at the make up of the film. I am told they should easily be able to resolve if this has been faked. Full results of the investigation will be published in the next issue of the C.P.R. International newsletter.

If this film has been an elaborate hoax and fraud then the big question will be why and what was the plan? Who is behind it? What ever the findings are, rest assured advice has already been sought as to the appropriate action to be taken. I know we all hope that it turns out to be another important piece of evidence which helps resolve this ongoing mystery. We will see.

The next public viewing of the material will be at the Tampa UFO Conference, Camberly Plaza, Tampa, Florida on Saturday the 14th September --- Organiser: Vicki Lyons, Telephone (904) 438-1801.

Listeners to the US national radio program called "Dreamland" will be able to hear the latest update from me in an interview I have been asked to do by Linda Moulton Howe, directly from the Tampa conference.


Colin Andrews

C.P.R. International
PO Box 3378
Branford, CT 06405-1978


Colin Andrews (CPRI - US Offices) 20 August 1996

Joyce Murphy and Stuart Conway (Beyond Boundaries Inc.) 24 August 1996

A man was camping out on the hilltop of Oliver's Castle overlooking the Devizes area of Wiltshire, England. The night was a very wet one and he was on the hill with the intention of watching the fields below the hill for the construction of crop circles which have been found there in recent years.

At approximately 0500 hours on the 11th of August as the first light appeared he saw what he thought was a small white-lighted sphere pass swiftly across the field directly below him. He moved quickly for his video camera which failed to operate due to the moisture sensor operating inside it. Some moments later he tried again and it started to film. Just seconds into the film two white spheres move into the frame from the right and arc across the field in a large spiral, much like the form which appeared as a crop pattern at Stonehenge in June. As the spheres spiralled across the field a small circle suddenly flattened to the ground and within just seconds (as many eye witnesses have reported previously) a large complex crop pattern materialised. Before the whole sequence was over a second pair of white glowing spheres approached from the top left of the frame. One of them appeared to lift out of the cereal field and join its partner. They also took a route arcing around in a large ring. As they did so the pathways and smaller circles in this elaborate 'snowflake' pattern were formed. The whole filmed sequence is just a few seconds long and shows either a very elaborate attempt to fraud or we have secured the most incredibly important UFO and crop circle film footage ever.

I have been asked by the cameraman / witness to execute detailed analysis of the film and to handle world media interest in the footage which he owns.

Today several major inquiries have commenced including one with the British Military who might have been present at the time.

The film will not be made available publicly until analysis is complete. The first results and full detailed statement regarding the footage will be made through the CPRI newsletter (details below). Many researchers and interested public are located in England and the CPRI main offices are in the USA, therefore it is also my intention to send updates to the new and greatly successful magazine "UFO Reality" (obtainable in the UK and USA) and the new crop circle information room in the Red Lion Pub at Avebury, Wiltshire.

There have been several other important discoveries during the 1996 research project in the UK, these will also be covered in the next CPRI newsletter.

Please do not attempt to make personal telephone calls to CPRI offices regarding the new footage as already the international interest is immense. Priority is to be given to the film analysis, and completion of my next book "The Signs Have Arrived". For those who have been anxiously awaiting for the long awaited book, you will glad to know that I have secured a publisher.

Colin Andrews

The Latest info.

I just heard this morning from a very reliable source that if the film proves to be genuine and not a hoax then he will show it at the conference in Springfield Missouri on 7th and 8th of September. That portion of his lecture will not be videotaped - I suppose to respect the owner privileges and copyright of the footage - Joyce.

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Broadcast quality film footage and professional photos from the Beyond Boundaries Circles and Scotland expedition 1996 directed by Robert Dean and with Colin Andrews is now available.

Update 2nd September

Thanks Mark for getting my Olivers Castle footage statement out. I will keep you posted. Have had some scientists look at it and still looks good - we have lots to do yet. I have promised to show it at a big UFO conference in Bristol on 15th December.You can put this out if you like, although place and time still being sorted out.

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