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Updated Thursday 28th January 1999

Volume 7 Number 2 Special Fall Report 1999 FA98

CPRI Annual Report Year: 1998 Dated:98/11/03

Breakdown by Country, U.S.A Breakdown by State and U.K Breakdown by County.

U.K. Crop Formations of 1998- Continued with diagrams and analyis.

Special Notice: CRPI is entering the last year of Newsletter publication. The Fall 1999 Edition will be the last official CPRI newsletter.   After that, people wanting to be kept informed of our research will be able to do so by purchasing periodic reports on specific projects and findings that will be offered by special mailings. Mailings will be full of the most up-to-date research results and heretofore unpublished materails.

Newsletter Subscription

To Subscribe to the CPRI Newsletter please send $25/15 for the last year of the CPRI newsletter.  PLease add an extra $5 for shipping to foreign countries ($3 for Canada), payable in US dollars drawn on a US bank. Thank you.

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