The Crop Circle interactive CD-ROM

By the world’s leading crop circle researcher Colin Andrews:


Minimum* System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 95or later; an Intel Pentium02 166processor**; 32 MB of RAM; Netscape Navigator 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, or America Online 4.0 Web browser; CD ROM drive, and a colour monitor. NOTE: Not suitable for Mac. 

$29:95 plus handling and postage from:  

“I am very proud of this unique CD-ROM, which is the outcome of 18 years of research”. 

*Photographs of crop patterns never seen before.

*Exclusive never before seen photographs from the Police in two counties of England.

*Exclusive never before seen photographs taken by a top secret base of the British Ministry of Defense during a period the British Government and police authorities denied an interest.

*More than 250 Photographs taken through my own camera throughout the last 18 years of research.

*Includes 2001.

*In addition, Busty Taylor has kindly authorized me to show his amazing

photographs taken of the three incredible designs at Chilbolton and Milk Hill, which caused a huge media frenzy around the world as, the 2001 season came to a close.

*Location maps and captions accompany every photograph.

*A fully interactive CD, which should be enjoyed by everybody researching the mystery and those who have a general interest.

The first individuals to view the CD have given excellent reviews: 

Researcher David Kingston: 

I found the Cosmic Artist to be very friendly user even for the computer illiterate and also incredible value for money.  Even the serious researcher will find this CD contains a wealth of knowledge and for the new comers to the enigma it will open your eyes and minds.

There is information on the CD regarding the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies that only a few of us "old researchers" knew anything about.

The photographs, well over 250, extreme high quality, are accompanied by information relevant to that formation and maps showing their position.

I found the sections on premonition of formations (and then the shape turning up in the fields) of extreme interest to me.  I have been running a program, with psychics world-wide, named Project X for a number of years now and found similar results.

I would advise purchasers to look closely at formation T805 (named Temple Square) and then look at T1064 (the Face on Mars). I am sure there is a similarity.

The only thing I found missing was the famous "sounds" that have been recorded in some of the formations.

On a scale for marks out of a 100 I would award it 100. Well done Colin and associates.

 David Kingston   

Crop Circle Researcher since 1976 and web master of:

 -- -- -- --

Researcher Busty Taylor: 

After viewing Cosmic Artist, I found myself going down memory lane, back to the eighties and into the fields. All the photos and information was to a very high standard, and the CD so easy to use, even for a PC beginner like myself.

 You can move in so many directions, maps, photos, statements, they  are all there  to increase every ones knowledge of the Crop Circle enigma.  For the dedicated researcher, this is a must, you have over 200 photos going way back, from farmers, the Military and the Police, so much information at a touch of a button.

 Busty Taylor

Visit my crop circle site at

-- -- -- -- --

Researcher Shelly Keel:

Very well put together and very simple to use. I think it will be a must for any one to have who is interested in the circle phenomena. It would also be exceptionally good for any one who has just discovered the circles for the first time as it gives a good insight into the history of the circles and where they could possibly be found in future years. The photo’s used on the CD are exceptional and show the intricacies of the phenomena it self as well as showing the route taken by man to create some of them.

Shelly Keel.

-- -- -- -- 

Interested member of the public: Douglas A. Depue:  

The Cosmic Artist CD arrived December 26th.  Colin's captioned comments

are the highlight of the presentation. I am particularly interested in the details of the investigators personal observations concerning unusual evidence and matters pertaining to the authenticity of the formation. This is a worthy augmentation of the Crop Circle Connector's offering with its specific focus on Colin Andrews own observations and photographs. The options of thumbnails, year and list selection are convenient. The large color print-outs and "picture only" enlargements are nice, also.  Interesting to find that the British Army would make patterns.  I will give you some more input after I have had the chance to view the entire production.

  Douglas A. Depue 

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