Colin Andrews and CPRI close all their databases and change gear.
Colin Andrews,  20 Collins Drive, Branford, CT-06405, USA.

Wednesday 12th May 2010

  • Since discovering a set of five circles near Winchester, Hampshire, England over 15 years ago,  I have been researching the crop circle phenomenon.
    In light of my findings and in an effort to come to a conclusion with the long investigation, I have made some significant  decisions.  These will effect all future research carried out by Circles Phenomenon Research International (C.P.R.I.).
    No more site projects will be carried out after December 31st this year. 
    Aerial photography will be carried out for one more year only.
    All data bases will be book ended (Closed) as soon as all current data has been entered.
    Research will be carried out on existing data in CPR possession.
    The current book "Cosmic Artists" now showing at the International book fare in Frankfurt will be published ASAP.
    Detective work on hoaxing and those responsible for same, will continue well into next year.
    A personal position statement may be made on the internet soon and in the next CPRI newsletter.
    Other developments are likely which will entail a change of organisational and operational focus.
    Colin Andrews
    May be published without permission as long as it is published in full.

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