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Updated Wednesday 11th December 1996.

Conclusive discoveries made with the Oliver's Castle video - To be announced by Colin Andrews at public conference in Bristol, England.

Statement issued by Colin Andrews from CPR International U.S. A. office 5th December 1996

As many will now know, just prior to leaving England from my summer research of the crop circle phenomenon, I was asked by a young man calling himself John Wheyleigh to look at video footage taken by him. The story began on the 11th August when he alleges he filmed four UFO spheres moving over a field near Oliver's Castle as a series of crop circles formed below. The new crop pattern that was seen on the video forming resembled a 'snow flake'.

The story has been discussed constantly since then on the internet and at conferences and in magazines. Last night the first national television interview was aired on the incident by the U.S. program called 'Strange Universe'. I was interviewed as was yet another special effects expert and the actual video was shown. Another national television program, 'Sightings' who also asked me to appear, will be aired shortly. But unfortunately new and conclusive evidence was not available in time to be included in these programs.

I have carried out many avenues of investigation into the video and the man who handed it to me in 'The Wagon and Horses Pub' Wiltshire, England. These enquiries are still on going but are in the final stages.

Information surrounding the young man and his place of work and his colleagues have lead me to Bristol, England where a major UFO Conference is to be held at The Trinity Centre on Sunday 15th December this year. A picture has developed which points to the city and strange indeed it should be that this same city is to host a conference at which I have been asked to present the video material on the 15th December. I will present my findings into the video which will I believe be conclusive and will include the results of analysis by a top scientist working at NASA's Johnson Space Centre.

I will also present a number of very new and encouraging developments generally.

A comprehensive report will also be published in the next issue of the C.P.R. International newsletter.

Colin Andrews.

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