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Updated Sunday 24th November 1996.

Meeting with Robert Irving and Julia Sets probably man made.

To all on the C.P.R. (A) list is this very concerning note. Thankfully there is also good news which I will keep till later. I have no time before I fly to San Francisco UFO expo.

1. - Colin Andrews meeting with Robert Irving in Helsinki.
2. - Shock discovery - 'Julia Sets' were likely to have been man made. By Colin Andrews.

I have just returned from meetings with Danish government scientists at the I.R.T. institute in Germany and a lecture I was asked to present at the first conference of its kind in Helsinki, Finland.

The last nine days of research and meetings in Europe have resulted in substantial progress in the crop circle mystery. Detailed reports will be forthcoming in the next CPR newsletter, but two things need to be said immediately.

The extremely attractive crop formations known as 'The Julia Set' and 'The Triple Julia' which appeared in fields around the Stonehenge area of England this summer have been the subject of on going investigation. New information has lead me to believe that they may have been the extraordinary work of people who's names I have in my possession. A complex picture is emerging which makes this mystery an even more bizarre one. More news will be released shortly.

While in Helsinki, Finland, I had an all day meeting with Mr.Robert Irving, the man well known for making some of the crop patterns. During ten solid hours of discussion with Robert, I gleaned a great deal of new and important information. In view of some of it, some of the data will have to be re-evaluated.

The meeting was cordial and friendly. It became clear that Robert Irving believes he has been unfairly ridiculed and wrongly quoted on many occasions by some researchers. I became convinced that this was probably true. He considers himself a part of the crop circle story, and in a convincing manor was able to demonstrate how. I do not condone some of Robert Irving's actions, but much of what he has done is valuable research by using his own methods, which many would not find ethically acceptable. In later years research turned into experiential art.

I found the outcome of the long meeting to be most concerning but rewarding. This was because substantial progress had been made towards the whole picture.

I do how ever want it clearly understood that I am totally convinced that a very bizarre and important phenomena remains, which has been made even more fascinating by some of Robert Irving's own experiences and actions, and those of others.

A detailed account of my discussions in Germany, Finland and a special meeting in Boulder, Colorado will be covered in the next C.P.R. International newsletter. Some great things are happening !!

Colin Andrews. USA Office - 13th November 1996.

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