The long-awaited evidence has arrived to support Colin Andrew’s highly controversial statement during August 2000 that approximately 80% of the crop circles to appear in England during 1999 and 2000 were man made.

‘The Assessment’ CD is a PowerPoint slide show fully supported by graphics and audio to show how Colin arrived at his conclusions. The findings have been painful for him personally as well as for many thousands of people who have followed his efforts over nearly two decades to reach the truth surrounding this ongoing mystery.

The CD ROM will need an PowerPoint viewer.

Download Windows/Macintosh with link below. 

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewers 

Andrews is convinced that the man-made patterns and the smaller numbers appearing mysteriously are part of a bigger picture. It is irrefutable that there is a paranormal association with some crop circles, that UFOs do exist in the vicinity and that there are strange, magnetic fingerprints associated with them.

These anomalies will be the subject of future study.

While some will find the contents of ‘The Assessment" shocking, it represents the most important piece of definitive research to date. With the facts clearly laid out as they are, it should be a healthier future for those involved in the research of this intriguing mystery.

"The Assessment" 
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Colin Andrews
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New Book: Crop Circles - Signs of Contact.
New CD-ROM: Cosmic Artist 1983-2003

New DVD: Ultimate Crop Circles - Signs from Space &
Alien Sign - The Message.


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