Updated Monday 15th October 2001

Crop Circles, The Research: UPDATE!!!

by Bert Janssen, 2000

The Research is now updated visually! The crop circle images (especially aerial video footage and photos) now include the best shots of the crop circles of the year 2000.

Furthermore, the video now shows updates on the ball of light photos. These photos show very clear examples of balls of light photographed by several researchers.


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CROP CIRCLE  The Research

· This visually stunning documentary takes the viewer on a guided tour of the latest discoveries relating to the phenomenon of crop circles.

· Besides giving a fascinating account of the strange additional effects associated with crop circles (such as anomalous substances and dead flies), the documentary also elaborates on the ideas currently being explored within the different fields of research from biophysics to geometry.

· The viewer is confronted with the latest facts regarding the phenomenon and their far-reaching implications. The information is properly substantiated and presented in a very accessible way.

· Nearly 60 captivating minutes of film on the triptych of crop circles, balls of light and the human mind.

· An especially informative documentary brimming with stunning aerial and ground shots, superb camera work, intriguing interviews with numerous researchers and captivating music.

Directed and produced by Bert Janssen

For more information contact: Email ossebaard@wxs.nl

Ossebaard & Janssen
P.O. Box 10
9460 AA Gieten

You can order the video as follows: 

* If you live in the UK:  please transfer 17 pounds sterling to British bank account number 2643643 registered in the name of Mr. Bert Janssen. (Lloyds TSB, branch code 30-92-63). Add: “Contact CCC”, and please don’t forget to add your name and exact address. (The 17 pounds include post & package).

 * If you live in the USA: please send a cheque of 27 US dollars in the name of OSSEBAARD. (No first name, no initials, simply Ossebaard). Also write on the cheque: "Contact, CCC". (under Memo: or For:). Send the Cheque to: P.O. Box 10,  9460 AA,  Gieten,  The Netherlands. Please don't forget to include your name and exact address. (The 27 dollars include post & package).

* If you live in the Netherlands, please transfer NLG 40,- to bank account nr. of Bert Janssen. Add: “Contact CCC”, and please don’t forget to add your name and exact address. (The 40 guilders include post & package).

* If you live somewhere else, either follow the procedure for USA citizens or send 27 American dollars – cash – in a sealed envelop to: Bert Janssen, P.O. Box 10, 9460 AA  Gieten, The Netherlands.

Please allow max. 4 weeks delivery time to pass. This may be a bit longer during the summer because of Bert and Janet’s stay in the crop circle arena… 

If you have any questions, videographers Bert Janssen and Janet Ossebaard can be reached 

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