In 1998 two crop circles with seven-fold geometry appeared quite close to each other. The first one appeared in the East Field of Alton Barnes and the second one near Tawsmead Copse. Their appearance showed many similarities.

The following geometrical analysis will illustrate that not only did they show many similarities, they were also very strongly related to each other. The two formations are like brother and sister, they have the same geometrical genes so to speak.

Furthermore I will show you that the construction lines found in both formations will turn out to be of unexpected value!

But let us first take a closer look at the Tawsmead Copse formation.

Note: all diagrams came into being by means of construction, that is, without measuring anything.

(I will show you in a future article how seven-fold geometry can be constructed.

For now, please consider it true that indeed it can be done...)

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

In Diagram 1 a seven-fold star was constructed.

Within that star, a circle and a heptahedron can be constructed. This was done in Diagram 2.

Diagram 3

Diagram 4


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Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard

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