Enmill Barn, Nr Crab Wood, Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 24th April

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Updated Tuesday 10th May 2022


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The planetary circle

A simple but significant symbol because of the current gathering of four planets in alignment this April before sunrise. There are several prophecies regarding these planets incarnated as deities, and some of them are Mayan, and they agree with prophecies of the Apocalypse! 

Crop circle on 24.04.2022 and the solar eclipse ahead! Note that it represents a simple solar system, Earth and Sun, or the Earth-Moon System in the four positions. Well then, how many total circles do we have? Five circles. In five days we will have a partial solar eclipse, on the 30th April 2022. Probably, a new crop circle can emerge on that day. Or events.

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 Jonas Passos (25.04.2022)

The key to the pyramid and the eclipse in the crop circle

This magnificent crop circle appeared in Figsbury Ring, UK on the 21st of July 2016, and it is memorable. Many lay people trivialized him, calling his stamped figure Batman, the Bat and other nonsense.

But the total and widespread ignorance of the Egyptian symbology in which the mandala was conceived is what leads to all kinds of speculation and silly and crude mockery. 

let's see

The central face of a cat leads us to the goddess Bastet, goddess cat, because the cat was much venerated in ancient Egypt, more than the dog, representing the guardian of the worlds and parallel dimensions.

He brings wings in a hybrid composition.

That is, the winged Sun, and this winged Sun is Ra, the midday Sun, while it is Kephra, the winged Sun of dawn. Called the god of rebirth, he was represented by the winged scarab, and this is the sign that aligned here with Bastet's face.

Because Bastet was the goddess of motherhood and eclipses! And it is precisely an eclipse that we see in the central solar disk lining up with the lunar disk. Notice that from this alignment comes a beam of energy that descends to the cat's head and hits its nose IN A PYRAMID SHAPE.

And below the nose, the ray continues its descent, reaching the cat's mouth, in the form of a tomb under (or inside) the pyramid.

The pyramid was never a mortuary temple, but rather a shrine related to the pharaoh's resurrection, his soul then receiving Kephri's wings to be reborn in the world of immortals, the heavenly Amenti, after Osiris' favorable judgment at the Court of 42 deities.

Each of the wings has 17 feathers, and at the base, the two feathers merge into one. Interesting manoeuvre to transform the account 17+17 = 33!

The number of vertebrae in the spine through which the Kundalini ascends, the root of the tree of life developing on the inner levels that promote human transformation towards the second birth.

The age 33 at which Christ died and rose again. And he ascended to the heavens, as the same pharaohs of the past wished.

These mysteries make up the true secret engineering of the pyramids. Because of its dual capacity, to accumulate telluric energy and, at the same time, receive as a radar the cosmic energies of the alignments (especially eclipses, of influence closer to the Earth), its architecture and its sacred geometry had this key capable of generating a maximum of vital circulation in your internal space.

And what archeologists called tombs, the Egyptians called the Abode of Light. Or Temples of Resurrection. Just the opposite of what modern academics consider!

As we can see, official science is far from giving the final word on these matters related to ancient wisdom, making devastating mistakes, such as those committed in the interpretations of Sumerian culture, invading the popular imagination and common sense until today with their thirsty evil Anunnaki. for gold.

If they wanted gold, why didn't they go ahead with the extraction? What stopped them from continuing this supposed mission?
Chipped Stone Humans? They are silly theories that don't stand on their own two feet, and fall apart.

****************************************************** ******

Ps: tomorrow, April 30th, we will have a partial solar eclipse. More energies entering Earth's highly turbulent period.

I had announced a possible crop circle or event for tomorrow because of the analysis of the five circles from the recent crop circle of April 24th, and adding 5 to this date, we reach the 30th and the announced solar eclipse event.

In other words, the 24/04 crop circle announced, anyway, tomorrow's eclipse. 

JP 29.04.2022

The cat breed identified in the Egyptian crop circle

The Egyptian Cat, is probably one of the oldest domestic cat breeds in the world, and its origins take us all the way back to Ancient Egypt and the dynasties of the Pharaohs. Worshiped and treated as deities in the Pharaonic Era, these felines maintain their elegant walk and mysterious air to this day, largely due to their reserved temperament, but they adore humans and will not hesitate to show all their loyalty.

Despite being domestic cats, wild specimens of the Egyptian Cat are still found living near the Nile River.

The Egyptian cat is very similar to the gray striped or brindle cat, without a specific breed, and which also has this pattern of lines on its forehead,

Note that the pattern of stripes on the Egyptian Cat's forehead (V-shaped with a central dash) is the same as the pattern drawn in the crop circle. And that the cat's nose, in a triangular shape, was inverted in the crop circle's cat nose to look like a pyramid hit by the solar eclipse alignment radius at the top. If the forehead is the energy point of our Ajna chakra or third eye, it means that our head also functions as a pyramid receiving energies from cosmic alignments.

And for that reason, cats must have their third eye open, making them guardians of the hidden world, and if in the physical part, the Egyptians worshiped cats because they were hunters of pests and venomous animals (rats, snakes and scorpions) transporting it to the astral plane, cats figured as gods who fought evil entities, becoming guardians of homes.

And today, april 30, we have a partial eclipse of the Sun.

Another incredible curiosity, the cat goddess Bastet was related to solar eclipses!
This crop circle appeared in England on 2016

And the similarity relationship between the Egyptian cat and the cat's face in the crop circle reinforces the link with the Egyptian cosmology sent in this message to the world. 

JP em 30.04.2022 



Imagery of a Celtic Cross 

The imagery of a “Celtic Cross”, as just drawn in yellow oilseed rape near Enmill Barn, is very ancient. It may be seen even in jade artefacts from ancient central America, which were carved by the Mayans long ago!  

Shown below is the photograph of one such artefact, which I saw in the Mayan room at the British Museum in London. Strangely enough, it resembles the outline of a “man flying in a spaceship”, with a “Celtic Cross” symbol on its nose: 

How did such a Christian symbol reach central America, 2000 years ago? This raises more questions than answers. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

By Fernando Ortolá




On April 24, 2022 the drawing of the quintuplets appeared in Enmill Barn, Winchester, Hampshire.UK. This appearance commemorates the oldest photograph of a crop circle in 1978.

Near the end of August or early September, just before the wheat harvest, a group of five circles appeared at Headbourne Worthy, Hampshire. Those circles were known as the quintuplets.

This drawing has been one of the most popular for 44 years. During this time it has appeared more than twenty times. It has been linked to all kinds of stellar events. Planetary orbits, solar and lunar eclipses, passage of comets, etc.

The last to appear was on June 8, 2021 at Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire.

On that occasion, the quintuples of the same size were interspersed with four more of a larger size. The background of this union was a 12-pointed star. It is very possible that this formation represented the planetary alignment of March 28, 2022. That day 6 planets were aligned, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and our Earth together with the Sun. That same day of the conjunction it appeared in the firmament a point called Vesta.

This is the second most massive body in the asteroid belt, surpassed only by Ceres, which is considered a dwarf planet. Being one of the brightest asteroids in the sky, Vesta can occasionally be seen from Earth with the naked eye.

I accompany this text with a chart with my Diagram of April 24, the formation of June 8, 2021 and a design of the alignment.

Also this link to my youtube video where I expose more information related to this event youtu.be

El 24 de Abril del 2022 apareció el dibujo de los quintuples en Enmill Barn, Winchester, Hampshire.UK. Esta aparición conmemora la fotografía mas antigua de un crop circle en 1978.

Cercano a finales de Agosto o principios de Septiembre, justo antes de la cosecha de trigo, apareció en Headbourne Worthy, Hampshire, un grupo de cinco circulos . Esos circulos fueron conocidos como los quintuples.

Este dibujo ha sido uno de los mas populares durante 44 años. Durante este tiempo ha aparecido mas de unas veinte de veces.  Ha sido relacionado con toda clase de eventos estelares. Orbitas planetarias, eclipses de sol y luna, paso de cometas, etc.

El ultimo en aparecer fue el 8 de Junio del 2021 en Barton Stacey Belt, Nr South Wonston, Hampshire. 

En esa ocasión, los quintuples de un igual tamaño se intercalaron cuatro mas de tamaño mayor. El fondo de esta unión fué una estrella de 12 puntas. Es muy posible que esta formación representara la alineación planetaria del 28 de Marzo de 2022. Ese día se alinearon 6 planetas,  Mercurio, Venus, Marte, Jupiter, Saturno y nuestra Tierra en conjunto con El Sol. Ese mismo día de la conjunción aparecía en el firmamento un punto llamado Vesta. 

Este es el segundo cuerpo mas masivo en el cinturon de asteroides, sobrepasado unicamente por Ceres, el cual está considerado un planeta enano. Siendo uno de los asteroides mas brillante en el firmamento, Vesta puede observarse ocasionalmente desde la Tierra a simple vista.

Acompaño a este texto un cuadro con mi Diagrama de el 24 de Abril, la formación del 8 de Junio 2021 y un diseño de la alineación.

Igualmente este link a mi video de youtube adonde expongo mas información relacionada con este evento    youtu.be

Pablo Olivares


This crop circle  is obviously manmade. The large central ring represents the Earth. The centre circle perhaps represents the conglomerate impact areas of the  five comets striking in water.  Each comet is indicated by the five partial rings, or hemispheres of the planet.  At the top the earliest comet has its region of damage/destruction already determined by the partial inner ring. The remaining four comets are not as completely determined. As with manmade efforts, the technical details are usually inaccurate, since after over 40 years and thousands of crop circles, these details have been explicitly revealed over a number of years.

Kenneth Heck

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike