Szczecinek, Poland. Reported end of July.

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Updated Sunday 15th August 2021


More circles in the grain near Szczecinek, Poland. Reported around the end of July, 2021. Jean Baptiste draws our attention to this crop circle news. --'Mysterious grain circles on the outskirts of Szczecinek in Poland. After 18 years the UFO came back?'

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More circles in the grain near Szczecinek

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This second crop picture from Poland in July of 2021 again looks quite “fishy”!


Previously on July 13, 2021 near Wrzesnia, Poland, we saw 17 “air bubbles” drawn in crops, from a large landscape “fish” who was “rising to the surface” (see Wrzesnia articles).


Now on July 30, 2021 near Szczecinka, Poland, we can see 6 more “air bubbles” drawn in crops, from a large landscape “shark” who seems to be “emerging from hiding”. Each of those “bubbles” has been outlined below in red, with a yellow centre.


Who might this “shark” be? Do two large groups of trees, which make up its “mouth” and “gill opening”, resemble the numbers “1” and “7”?  



Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



Do man-made crop circles have any meaning? I think so, because of evidence that higher entities do inspire men to enter fields in the dark and create crop circles as best they can. Man-made circles tend to be inferior to the true alien-made category, and lack originality, but they can support or corroborate prior authentic circles. In this instance there are six man-made circles divided into three groups of three, two, and one. The three represent Comets A, B, and the Warning Comet. The two are Comets C and D, and the one is Comet E. These divisions have been established in prior years. Download my free e-book at  for further details.

Kenneth Heck

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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike