The Brushes, Nr Old Whittington, Derbyshire. Reported 18th July.

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“Squaring the circle” for a “Celtic cross” on July 18, 2021 near Old Whittington: what are the crop artists trying to tell us exactly?

We can see in this new crop picture both a four-armed “Celtic cross”, and also a geometrical construction for “squaring the circle”. What do we mean by “squaring the circle”? It means drawing a square and circle of equal perimeters or equal areas, using just a compass and straight-edge:  

This crop picture shows five small circles of equal size: one at the very centre of its large square and circle, plus four others at each of four corners of its large square. Those five circles create the shape of a “Celtic cross”.  

Likewise its large square and large, thin circle show a well-known geometrical diagram for “squaring the circle” (see Squaring_the_circle). Each of its four “corner circles” also show another thin circle, drawn around them, to suggest another unseen square of equal perimeter for each thin, outlined circle.  

The E.T. crop artists often draw a “Celtic cross”, as their symbol for “planet Earth” with its four yearly seasons (see Potterne comments). They also draw geometrical constructions for “squaring the circle” (see times 3:15 or 8:40 of WATCH). So by drawing these two images together, what are they trying to tell us exactly? 

We will have to go through some basic mathematics to explain. First, please note that "squaring the circle" is sometimes used as a metaphor for “trying to do the impossible” (see Squaring_the_circle). Why should such a simple task be impossible? 

Suppose we wish to construct a circle and square of equal perimeters. We will need to equate the perimeter of a circle 2πr to the perimeter of a square 4l. Yet there is no exact, finite solution using a compass and straight edge! We can only approximate π by 22/7.  

Or suppose we wish to construct a circle and square of equal areas. We will need to equate the area of a circle πr2 with the area of a square l2 . Again there is no exact solution using a compass and straight edge. We can only approximate π by 22/7.

In summary, when those crop artists draw a “Celtic cross” symbol for “planet Earth”, along with a standard geometrical diagram for “squaring the circle”, they mean that they are trying to do something impossible for humans on planet Earth. They may hope to accomplish their goals approximately, but not exactly.  

What a troublesome species we are! Slowly-evolving primates, with a climate-destroying economy based on fossil fuels, and a propensity for nation-state warfare. What can any friendly E.T. do? 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The four circles represent the four largest comets, also known as the "chastising comets." In the centre is the conglomerate impact point for all four comets. The square surrounding the impact point indicates that all obstacle to impact - bad weather, human defences, etc. have been neutralized. This is interesting since the neuralization is effective at the early date when these comets have just acquired their comas. Other examples of squares and comets can be found at RSA (79/00/00), p. 111, GBR (02/07/28), p. 117, GBR (99/08/04). p. 144, and GER (06/07/28), p. 150. of my free ebook

Kenneth Heck

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