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The thick arc represents the Sun. The incomplete portion of the arc is a timing indication for the transit of the depicted comet from undetected by astronomers to high brightness. This would be about one-sixth of the Sun’s rotation, or about four days at the equator or six days at the poles. The comet on the lower right gains in brightness up to the point permitted by the divine approval (the triangle) as it impacts the Sun. The eleven circles outside the Sun refer to matter such as the solar wind and other particles radiated because of the comet’s impact. The strange triangular figures within the arc refer to space vehicles assigned to create and monitor the sunburst called the “Great Warning” by mystics and “The Kill shot” by remote viewer Major Ed Dames. The strangest figures are the two faces which look like spirits responsible for the whole sunburst operation, but otherwise are unknown. The comet is the Sun Comet whose impact is associated with a great release of radiation from the Sun, but otherwise regarded as a great miracle (see pg. 188 of my free ebook). 

Kenneth Heck 



The crop circle that appears in the Cipro Clerc video on your website (Rumours) and that was reported on July 24, 2020 was made by a small group that we paid to surprise a friend in our Masonic Lodge for his 70th birthday! We are very attentive to the crop circles in the country and we take advantage of this message to tell you that if some of them are really extraterrestrials that worries us a lot! Our strong network in the country allows us to alert well-placed people ... 

Very respectful greetings. 

Sir E.K.

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A crop circle sign of Venusians making contact with humanity at the end of the great cycle announced by the Maya

The snakes of the pre-Columbian world

Superior Venusians symbolized by the sign of the double serpent, very old and widespread in the pre-Colombian world, which has nothing to do with reptilian, only concentrates the highest wisdom of the oldest sign of humanity, keeping the answers about our origins lost in time. ..

A crop circle that relates directly to the recent July 12 crop circle, when, in a triangular nave style merkabah, in the composition of the inverted triangle, the letter T. was signed.

This time, the same solar ship, merkabah or inverted triangle received another signature, the letter U, in the shape of a horseshoe and in the composition of two snakes sharing the same body. Two-headed snake, which takes us to the pre-Columbian world and its serpentine symbols related to the leader of Venus, called Quetzalcoatl (Kukulcan for the Maya), and who claimed that this spiritual being had a twin, and that, in fact, his divinity was twofold. The saving twins of the Mayan Popol Vuh.

This is the whole central allegory of this incredible crop circle, which also relates to the Caduceus of Mercury and the entire energy code of binary snakes in their most varied symbols of ancient civilization. Within the central triangle, a solar symbol with seven uneven rays, not exactly symmetrical, but not irregular. Seven, the supreme number of the deity.

Around the formation, in symmetrical distribution, twelve circles, and if we add twelve days to that original crop circle of July 12th, we have the date July 24th of this new formation. Recalling that the recent Venusian-Sirian crop circle in Ridgeway, England, on July 23, had twelve total stars (pentagrams) in its composition. This is a pattern that is repeated here.

Twelve, spiritual cycle, Revelation 12, the prophetic Child who is born and begins the New Golden Age. Also with twelve stars!

And another coincidence or alignment is that this crop circle of the twin snakes appears one day after the closest approach of the Neowise comet to Earth, which orbited the Sun around, precisely, the constellation of twins, so I associated it with one of the signs of prophecies Hopi, who also has his saving twins flying here on his flying shields, in the days of the Red Star, Red Kachina, and planetary purification. Time that everything seems to be now!

Making the right associations, we have a sign of Venusian deities in the first degree, and an ancestral symbol of the Caduceus of the two serpents, twin forces in action. Comet Neowise, who remembers, orbited around the Sun in the region of the constellation Gemini.

The letter U, even within the outline of the serpents' body in relation to the central Sun, may also indicate this open parabolic orbit of Neowise comet in the region of the constellation of Gemini, confirming such a comet as a sign of the arrival of the Venusian and Sirian deities, the return of the blue beings, Anunnaki, etc.

It is yet another sign of the twin deities, twin flames and the entire binary code of force, from the Sun-Moon of the alchemists to the Yang-Yin in the eternal flow of TAO in the ancient East.

Quetzalcoatl and Xolotl, twin deities of the Aztecs, and in addition to the common interpretation of "Feathered Serpent" for Quetzalcoatl, we have "Precious Twin" (Xolotl, the dog god, god Sirius, was his brother and guide)

Signatures, crop circle patterns and deities

The letter U has appeared in several signatures, as well as the letter T. And they reappear together here. T and U are therefore equivalent, one related to the physical aspect of Venus, and the other to the spiritual aspect. Whether Valiant Thor or simply THOR is a reference name for the physical leadership of the planet Venus, the name of Archangel URIEL is the direct spiritual reference related to the planet Venus.

In 2009, on June 27, there was a reference to the planet Venus, letters U and S (Ushanas and Shukra, the names of the spirit of Venus and the planet Venus according to the Vedic scriptures), and the same image of twin beings, in this case , an old Addinkra funeral symbol of twins stomach-bound crocodiles).

They are repetition codes.

And certainly, beyond Venus, because we are in the days of Sirius' heliacal birth in the latitudes close to the Equator, it is also a Sirian symbol. Because, on the snake's body, we notice symbols in the shape of fish, which is another Venusian-Sirian code in great prominence in crop circle seasons on several occasions. Inside the body of the two-headed snake (two heads) we have seven symbols, including the shape of the heads and the diamonds in the shape of fish. Fish and serpent were animal symbols associated with the Sumerian god Enki, god of wisdom and water, another reference to the oceanic world of Sirius, and his instructors related to water and wisdom, with fish and snakes in their symbolic codes.  

Twin winged snakes, like the mercury caduceus, twin snakes that fly. And here we have a pair of snakes flying along with a central, triangular, merkabah, etc.

Seven symbols on the serpent's body, seven sunbeams on the central merkabah, and twelve orbiting circles, all add up to 26, another sacred number, IHVH number, the greater cosmic hierarchy. And the 26th of July, Sirius' new year and the green day of the Mayan calendar, in a fabulous combination.

This model may be talking about the spaceships (Merkabah, the central triangle) of Venus and Sirius, crossing solar portals (the central Sun) and moving in the skies (twelve circles orbiting the central Sun, a reference to the twelve-planet solar system, according to the ancient Sumerians).

If we count 12 days ahead, in relation to the date of this crop circle, 24th of July, this will fall between the 4th and 5th of August, which may bring more crop circle messages in the fields ... with a date!

Some images of Ouroboros, the snake that bites its tail, can also be associated with the serpentine binary. Some of them even involve the Sacred Delta, God's Eye, representing a cycle that is completed in Creation.

A date for an "appointment"?

The code for the crop circle snake even appeared repeatedly in the 2012 season, on the eve of the end of the Mayan calendar on 12.21.2012 and the long cycle, winged snakes combined with fish shapes, the well-known moonfish, and for this sign appearing again in 2020, all this may represent a new warning regarding the end of the great cycle of humanity today, already counted since 2020 and entering into a process of acceleration in the following years, in combination with the specific prophecies of the Apocalypse.

One way to understand the cyclical energies of the universe in the current planetary alignments, like a cosmic clock, is in the symbolism of the winged serpents, representing all these gravitational waves shaking the aligned systems

And all this is in line with what Christ Himself speaks of in Revelation 1 and 22, alpha and omega of the book of Revelation:

I am Alpha and Omega
The first and the last,
the beginning and the end.
I am the Morning Star!

This wonderful crop circle also seems to incorporate an astrological scenario that I identified for August 9th, with a planetary distribution drawing at the same time the letter T and the U arc in the skies. The legend of the distribution of the planets follows that day:

1. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto
2. Neptune
3. Uranus, Mars, Moon
4. Venus
5. Sun, Mercury and Neowise comet

I counted eleven objects, and the crop circle has eleven objects on one side, and a twelfth object, highlighted, in a larger projection.
The twelfth planet of Sumerian cosmology? Our current P 7X, Nemesis?

It seems to indicate everything. And the recurring theme of crop circle messages itself!

(We will work on this date and configuration on August 9, 2020 in later publications).

Jonas Passos on 26.07.2020, Sirius day!

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Contact ... or something else?


The year 2020 promised to be unusual in crop circle messages, despite the fall of objects each year ... however, what really matters is not quantity, but the quality of messages, which is refined each year in a clear, sharp direction and objective: to decipher the messages, contact ... or something else!

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