Mid Wilts Way, Warminster, Wiltshire. Reported 30th May.

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Updated Monday 1st June  2020


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The flow of the Fifth Element

Another crop circle appears in Wiltshire with the image of the Yang-Yin marked by a circle in the four directions. Generally the Yang-Yin, the eternal binary, the Holy Eight in motion, is represented within the cosmological tablet of the I Ching, with its eight elements.

Yang-Yin is the oriental way of representing the same as the Caduceus of Mercury, that is, the mental principle that uses the vibrations of the Universe to shape shapes, light, geometry.

In this crop circle, the four main elements were highlighted: Heaven and earth (air and earth), fire and water. This inserts the Yang-Yin into the dimension of the FIFTH ELEMENT, the ether of the ancients, or the fourth dimension, where the fifth element becomes the foundation of all four elements, states of matter, forms, everything that exists on Earth and the lower dimensions. Music, vibrations, frequencies, and thought itself is an oscillation, an invisible luminous frequency that relies on the ether of the ancients to move in the Universe.

The key to the cosmos is being sent to the world in these three combined crop circles. It is a light, a thought and a music that we need to learn to sound, vibrate and shine in the parallel dimension, where all the elements meet, add and merge according to a common denominator. This common denominator of all matter, all energy and every form is the key to access the higher dimensions. And normally the key to the Universe was represented by the simplest symbol of all.


And in the center of Crux, of the four elements, is the mysterious and secret axis of the Wheel of the Universes, an axis that also crosses the center, the heart, in the here and now of our existence, resonating with the Spheres .. .
Today, May 30, and 30.05 add up to 8 (3 + 5) 

Jonas Passos (30.05.2020)

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June eclipses announcements

And just like last year, English crop circles and, mainly, the series of 15 or 16 crop circles unpublished in France in 2019, appearing to highlight events of the July eclipses (on July 2 and July 16) and that that year, brought a series of predicted energy impacts to planet Earth.

This pair of crop circles from the recent 30th of May, yesterday, sound like announcements of the two eclipses of June, on the doorstep, on June 5 (lunar) and June 21 (solar) the latter, which promises to be very powerful . What impacts can we expect for the world now? Both crop circles have an EIGHT design (number 8) and appearing on the same day 30.05 (date that adds up to 8) we see an evident relationship between both.

And what is the best natural, cosmological phenomenon to produce energy flow movement than eclipses, which are the cosmic events with the most immediate impact on planet Earth? Yang is the wave of the solar component, while Yin is the wave of the lunar component. Sun and Moon are, in all the traditions of the East and the West, the Yang-Yin, the binary of the caduceus of Mercury performing alchemy of energies that serve as the basis for life on Earth. In eclipse times, these energies reach peak points because of the alignments involved.

Meanwhile, France's new crop circle seems to post the two eclipses that will come at the same time, lunar on June 5 and Solar (annular type) on June 21 (solstice day). Even the first crop circle of the season, the crop circle of the Angel, showed, in its astronomical design, the planet Venus before the Sun, and the Earth between the Sun and the Moon (this will really happen on June 5th, because we will have a Venus-Sun alignment at the same time as the Moon's eclipse.

So, by inserting the dynamic Yang-Yin (inside a cross, the four elements) to the phenomenon of eclipses, these crop circles gathered may be announcing an intense flow of energies over the Earth (the point of intersection) in the month of June.
Let's wait. 

The cosmic resonance

I feel that there is a singular wave of energy forming in the universe about to align itself in June 2020, in two eclipses, solar and lunar. And these eclipses, for a few years now, have received additional impulses of energy that amplify their power. Probably from the invading star P 7X, with a date set for approaching and culminating solar perihelion. Eclipses undergo cycles of 19 years, called metonics, when they repeat the same positions in the sky under the same dates.

This means that, in the year 2001 (very tense for Earth, by the way, involving the Twin Towers event, September 11, in the USA), that year, June 5 and 21, we had the same solar eclipses and lunar (in the same positions of the sky) that we will have now, on the 5th and 21st of June 2020.
And a powerful crop circle appeared that year, on June 21, 2001, showing a pyramid and the eclipse sun rising behind it, with 7 + 7 = 14 wings or rays of the resurrection of Osiris, in the form of the god Kephri, sacred scarab, god of the sun's returns in the morning.

And now, on May 30, a yang-yin (which at the cosmic level represents the alchemy of the Sun and Moon) appears, marking four cross points around it, as if repeating the message of the pyramid, the four elements and the fifth element which will experience the same energy flow boost next month.

Recalling that, last year, on June 21, 2019, the magnificent crop circle of the ant appeared, before an annular eclipse of the Sun ... suggesting the work with the provisions for the long winter. And we entered 2020 with that message coming true because of the global pandemic. What is the new wave that hits the world in June? 

Jonas Passos (31.05.2020)

This crop circle is the symbol of Taoism. Several variants can be found in Section 10 of my free ebook at theheckhypothesis.com.

There may be an implication that the region where Taoism is practiced (China and Southeastern Asia) will see and experience impacts from fragments  and/or the debris field of one or more comet tails. No comet strikes are indicated for this region according to prior crop circles. The light and dark sections represent various ices and solid matter, but both are not strictly separate from each other. On the outer rim the comet is losing small particles and fragments (the four small circles) plus generating a coma (the outer ring) as it travels closer to the Sun.

Kenneth Heck






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