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First of all, I would like to state that I said that on the day of the Solstice of June, 21, according to previous studies, a new crop circle would appear in England: I calculated the 70 days marked in the ice circle of China, April 12, and this calculation came on 21 June. So, I said: a special crop circle will appear on this day, with an important message..
In addition to other crop circles, where I saw patterns of marked alignments: and the solstice is an alignment of the Earth in orbit with the Sun.
I made this slide for the crop circle of Belmore Lane and relations with the solstice.

The Ant 

Clearly an ant, with six legs and antennae.
The ant, the work (see the fable of the cicada and the ant). Even in the Bible this quote in the books of Wisdom exists:

"Oh lazy, go to the ant!"

This insect seems to "insert" the Moon before the Sun, the largest disk * in an astronomical context of evaluation.

And note that the insect's own body has an axis of aligned circles that also does not exactly match the natural structure of an ant
(and insects in general) endowed with three parts: head, thorax and abdomen.

It's another expression about alignment and eclipses!
The ant suggests ... work and guard, watch and pray, because the long winter of Earth is coming.

And yet ... the ant coming out of the hole because ... it's hot ... a lot of heat ... the heat wave that arrives in the Northern Hemisphere from the Summer Solstice, what is it today?

The first image of an insect in a crop circle was just that of an ant, and on a singular day in the formations, on 07.07.1997, forming a numerical alignment (7.7.7) and in addition, the annual date when Sun and Sirius align in the Zodiac.

After 1997, other insects came, like spiders, beetles and even cacti and crustaceans!

The 1997 ant is practically the same, with small anatomical differences.

Moreover, we have since completed 22 years (11-11) between the two formations.

And if this ant from 1997 was the first ... and if the English crop circles are disappearing (this year, we almost did not have them) we can interpret this ant as closing the cycle!

Because I have for myself that there will soon be no more legitimate crop circles, and we will only be left with human works, either ill-made or well made, without any message content useful and valid for humanity, on the contrary, committed only to bringing confusion by misappropriating an art the Aliens chose to use for high purposes.

The channel they could find to warn the world of things, since the official channels are always blocked by the intelligences of the world system.

Watch, work, and pray, for the hour of the sun is approaching.

Ant crop circle and symmetry with the Nazca Spider

Even though it is such an old image, this Nazca Spider seems to have the same structure as the ant's body 2019, at least, as this transparency indicates, in perfect symmetry.

By making the upper and lower parts of the ant's body touch the same top and bottom of the spider's body, the separation width of the legs was preserved without altering the proportion of the images!

And if the spider's upper and lower legs adjusted in width with the ant's legs in extension, the spider's lower legs touched exactly the edge of the great braided circle.

I always thought that crop circles were phenomena similar to the Nazca drawings in the sense of being made for the visualization of those who, at that time, were already flying in the skies ... and certainly not human beings. Not at that time.


Ant crop circle and the second ant, 2012

A clear association with the prophecy of the Mayan calendar, when this ant appeared within patterns of alignments, eclipses and even that alignment with the center of the Galaxy on December 21, 2012!

Note the similarity of the granite circle with a ring at the bottom of the two ants, as representing the same thing, the solar disk, either in an eclipse or in the specific alignment of the Sun on that day December 21, 2012.

So this ant message is not from now on, it is another pattern repeated!

It appeared on August 30, almost 4 months before the close of the planetary cycle, according to the Mayans, and we have seen that the planet has never been the same, so unbalanced and destabilized in terms of energies.

And considering the scale of the months, from August to December, we have five levels, such as counting the march of time between the crop circle and the alignment, and the same message that remains: work and prepare for the long winter of the planet in transition ... because the 2019 Solstice Ant is the third in a series that began in 1997, and repeating patterns are always arguments in favour of legitimate crop circles!

A curiosity: this new ant appeared on June 21, 2019, and that of 2012, made reference to the date of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012.

Between 21.12.2012 and 21.06.2019, we have 6 years and 6 months.
Now, see in what biblical passage is the parable of the foresighted ant before the coming winter?
Precisely in Proverbs 6: 6!

Hardly human authors would think of so many details interconnected in time and space within the flow of the crop circle phenomenon since 1990!

Ant crop circle 2019 and the symmetry with the ant crop circle 1997, 22 years ago

Another striking symmetry is between this 2019 ant and that first ant, from 1997, 22 years ago.

And again, without changing the proportion of the two images, just overlapping them, we see that the structure of the 1997 ant fits precisely over the current ant.

Note the antennas which, despite different lengths, lie exactly at the same angle of inclination to the head of the insect.

Ant crop circle, the connection with Giéville crop circle, in France, possible event alert in that country?

Making the link between the last crop circle so far, Giéville, on 14 June last, we notice that it has the formal structure of an ant, with six legs and body, and two antennae.

In addition, the symmetry of the two overlapping images seems to confirm the same thing.

In addition, Giéville's geometry goes further, and fits the 1997 ant precisely, too, by means of the overlapping technique.

As if, by adding the two, we see an ant with wings, which also enters into the symbolisms of the metamorphosis.

In this overlap, note that by making the upper circle of the ant's head align with Giéville's upper circle cc, naturally the lower part lined up, fitting the same length of body.

Even the width of the largest inverted crescent accurately fits the average space of the ant's body, while the tips of the lower small crescent touch the edges of the ant's abdomen.

The message of the 8 levels of Giéville crop circle

Note that Giéville's model has eight geometric levels, which, from the bottom up, from the date of its apparition, June 14, count the sequence of days until arriving on June 21, the day of the announced solstice and predicted crop circle that same day, England or France, I said before.

(8 levels: 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21)

That is to say, the crop circle of Giéville in France, besides resembling a stylized ant, announced on the eighth day the ant crop circle on the day of the Solstice, as the very big circle behind the ant seems to represent, Among other things.

And on the eighth level, on June 21, it represents the aligned Sun, which may be both the announced solstice and the forthcoming eclipse on July 2 (and the period of eclipses that month, between the solar-total of July 2, and the lunar-partial of July 16.

In addition to other planetary alignments very significant in the same period.

In fact, since the first crop circle in France on June 1st in Notre Dame de France, 20 km south of Paris, I have noticed in all these French crop circles a pattern of repetition, clearly speaking in eclipses, planetary alignments and waves of energy moving to Earth.

And if the first object was placed near Paris, not far from the fire of the Cathedral of Notre Dame (same name of the city) in Paris, April 15, 2019, there would be this new association between Giéville crop circle and the ant crop circle declaring a alert, especially to the French, to do like the ant, according to the biblical quote from Proverbs 6 (6-9) and 30 (25)?

After all, that unusual earthquake THE SAME DAY OF THE SOLSTICE, June 21, seems to have effected this connection between the Géville crop circle and the Ant crop circle.

Anyway, I detected the solstice day before, in these formations, and the crop circle of the ant appeared, and the earth shook uncharacteristically in France.

The events materialized according to the analyzes ...

These models may even be showing coordinates of possible affected regions in France or the world, although they may not (yet) interpret them in the code they are written in ...

Note: The symmetries between Giéville 2019 and the 1997 Ant also worked.



Ant crop circle and the connection alignments

Saint Hippolyte Crop Circle and the Ant

Since the beginning of June, I have been talking about the alignments and the eclipse of July, between July 2 (solar) and July 16 (lunar).

Because practically all of those crop circles (except the Flower of Life at Saint Jean de Bassel) in France, speak of the same thing, and of possible planetary events happening in the period, I saw in this repetition a need (on their part) of highlight this planetary situation ahead.

As if powerful energies were fired at the strength of these alignments, and observing the celestial map of July 2, we find, as I said before, the same pattern of alignments in the design of all these crop circles.

In this first model, the formation of Saint Hippolyte, on June 12, we see the five growing circles highlighted, and the five alignment planets, those that, as I said before, have lunar systems (Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto ).

Notice now in the crop circle of the ant: an ant has only three parts in its body ... but why does this ant have five parts?

The two major planets involved, Jupiter and Saturn, are the largest circles of the ant's body, and the three smaller ones, Mars, Mercury, and Earth.

Now, why is the solar disk of the eclipse shifted at an angle to the ant?

If you look at the celestial map of July 2, you will see that the direction of the Sun in the eclipse is at the same angle there as that axis of five planets (on the side). 
This angle was also noted in the French crop circle Menetou-Salon, below.

In the direction of this second axis of alignment, the axis of the solar eclipse in relation to Earth, is also the planet Venus.

Even the great spiral depicted in the French crop circle represents the energy wave generated next month, under all these astronomical events, then marked repeatedly in these crop circles.

Notice the structures of both crop circles, they are similar axes with larger and smaller circles in alignment. This can only mean astronomical events and ongoing planetary changes.

As if the pattern of things were changed ...

Note: Saint Hippolyte's pictogram is double, and the upper part, as I said before, may represent the (longer) orbit of the second Sun, a hidden agent of the whole active participant process.

I can then say that, in addition to everything, eclipse and alignments, the ant also expressed, in the antennas, the long and cut orbit ... of the second Sun!

All details exposed by the crop circles of France were passed on and added to this ant !!!


Menetou Salon crop circle and the ant

In the Menetou-Salon crop circle, I had also checked this pattern of alignment on two different axes, which you can check in the comments of that crop circle.

The same pattern of two alignment axes that now in England at the predicted Solstice (which is also an astronomical alignment) appears in the design of this ant (the third checked in a crop circle).

On the major axis, we have Mars, Mercury, Earth, Jupiter and Saturn, five, and slightly displaced, Pluto.

On the minor axis, we have Sun-Moon and Venus.

All of these crop circle models are considering the Earth in the central frame of observation, after all, it is here that we feel the impacts of all this wave of gravitational energy generated.

And the Menetou-Salon detail is just the same five objects in line, and a second smaller incline axis, and the alternating circles in color, generating a sine wave (energy wave).

No detail was left aside.


Ant body marks crop circle

Enlarging the image, we find, in the circles that make up the body of the ant, small hooks in the shape of a letter J (like hooks) and that, while discussing the direction of the astronomical alignments, mean the hooks, the energy connections flowing from one planet to another, from one star to another, Sun, Moon, Earth and planets, all within a moving macro-system.

In heaven, the celestial region of Taurus and Gemini (constellations) will be occupied, and the eclipse at the doors of the twins, as we have seen before.

In French crop circles, they placed spirals and sinusoids (waves) along the alignment axes.

And on the ant, they put these hooks, hooks pulling something ... from the turbulent gravitational sea of next month!



Many are talking here and there that this ant represents the arrival of alien insects.

Revelation 9 has an important statement that when the star of heaven falls on the earth (Absyntio, whether it be the influence of the second sun or the literal fall of asteroids), the fifth Angel would bring the key with which to open the abyss, bringing out of there clouds of locust destroyers.

In Ufology, Grays are the most common negative aliens associated with abductions  and genetic experiments with animals and humans.

So as we live in times when the influence of the second sun is already sensitive in the load of the impact alignments, and one of the effects are the asteroids agitated in the sky (billiard effect), it may be that there is connection of this ant, as leaving the address underground, and Revelation 9.

Although, to be more exact, they would have to use a grasshopper, because it is with this insect that the Grays are more similar.

We live the times when all things announced by John the Evangelist will happen, and many things will happen and happen!

Because the Grays have been on the stage behind humanity for millennia, recently revealed in UFO studies combined with psychoanalysis and hypnosis in the abductees.

The Apocalypse says that the grasshopper beings would not kill, but would only torment humanity in the shadow, (only the 144,000 sealed would be protected from this silent invasion) before they prepared for an open war against the world, being allied with some world leaders .. and that is the worst part of that particular prophecy.

It's something to seriously consider!

Because even though it is not a grasshopper, the ant seems to have come out of its underground lair in the sunlight! 

It's time to move house ... or planet!

The ant and the cicada

In addition to the meaning highlighted by the Bible (Proverbs 6: 6-9), which is the value of provident work, we have the gregarious sense of the ants, the sense of joining forces in an egalitarian society
(also in Proverbs 30:25).

I believe the two senses are more important.

The popular say that many ants at home is CHANGE ... so, join a third party: ongoing planetary changes!

So, if the ant appears, the message is: it's time to change planet.

But this change is for the ant-men, who worked to change together, not for the cicada-men, who spend their lives just singing and having fun without worrying about tomorrow ...

Tomorrow it is now, future that has already arrived!


Ant crop circle and earthquakes

Ants can predict earthquakes!

Why did an ant appear in this crop circle, not a bee, or spider, or grasshopper, or beetle, or any other insect?

Ants are insects that inhabit the underground, unlike other species, that live more on the surface, in trees, in webs, in burrows, in leaves, hives, etc.

But the ant house is underground.

And what comes from underground, but earthquakes?

Note that we have, along with the ant, three level curves, which is how earthquakes are generally represented, contour lines expanding around the epicenter.

So if the earthquake made the ant leave his house underground, what to conclude?

I believe the main message of this crop circle is alerts of strong earthquakes that are associated with the powerful astronomical alignments of the period, as we have seen.

And this ant, with five levels, is another astronomical marker indicating that.

Do you want another confirmation?

Did you know that some species of ants can predict earthquakes?

One of these ants is the red wood ant (Formica polyctena) from Europe. These insects build their ants in systems of active tectonic faults, which are, therefore, prone to earthquakes.

Before an earthquake, the 'red wood ant' (Formica polyctena), which usually lives in forests, changes habits and interrupts its night rest phase and maintains atypical behavior until the earthquake passes.

So it is possible that this ant, with alignments of planets in the shape of the body, and energy waves beside it, could be an earthquake alert.

Now we see better the relationship proposed by the theme of this crop circle.

 Strong earthquake shakes Indonesia, 288 km from Saumlaki

Data received from the Global Seismic Network (Iris-GSN) show that an intense earthquake that reached 7.3 points of magnitude was registered in Indonesia, 288 km northwest of Saumlaki at 23:53 in Brasília time (06/23/2019). 
The violent concussion had its epicenter located under the coordinates of 6.38S and 129.22E, 208 km deep. The map below shows the location of the epicenter.

In spite of the great intensity of the concussion, the depth in which the event occurred favors the dissipation of the energy before reaching the surface.

An earthquake of 7.3 magnitude releases the same energy from 67 atomic bombs similar to the one that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945, or the equivalent energy contained in 1336875 tons of TNT.

Other earthquakes in the period

On 21 June, apart from the atypical 5.2 ° earthquake in France, we had a 6.2 ° earthquake in New Zealand.

And today, 06/26, an earthquake of 6.1 ° in Indonesia, in another locality, but already announcing the stronger that would come, of 7.3 °


The pattern of planetary alignment described earlier already happens in June (below, the image for today), and therefore, so many earthquakes are already happening. I believe that there will be an ascension of energy that will culminate on the day of the solar eclipse of July 2, and will act the whole month, connected to the other lunar eclipse, on July 16.

And the ant sends for provisions and prayers ...

Another prediction

This crop circle appeared on Solstice Day, 21, as I said earlier.

So by taking a count of days, from the 7-level drawing sequence, from the bottom ring to the insect's antennae, this takes us between the 26th and 27th of June.

I think we may have or major events these days, or new crop circles.

Or both.

Let's follow!


Jonas Passos

The outer ring is the area affected by a comet strike. The inner thick ring is the area of most damage, and suggests the destruction of many anthills due to its complex construction.  This crop circle indicates the ant population will be negatively affected by comet strikes; the body of the ant is composed of four or five comets, similar to the prior ant crop circle of July 13, 1997. However, the body of this latest ant is completely surrounded by a line (indicating a coma), but the 1997 ant had no coma, suggesting the comets are now 22 years closer than formerly. See Section 13 of my free ebook for a collection of circles denoting damage or destruction to animal species, DNA, and the biosphere.

Kenneth Heck


I inform you that I published on June 21, 2019, on my channel Aliens crop circles crushing a video on a technique that I think I invented to make crop circles without marking in the centre : I talked about this technique to a Frenchman from the south of France who is Youtuber on June 20, 2019. You published on this crop circle appeared in Surrey on June 22. The first hypothesis to explain this crop circle that visibly imitates my technique is the ET hypothesis that have been spying on me for over 11 years now! More information on my Youtube channel and OLCPIE blog:

Jean-Charles Bourquin, in France

Here is an article I wrote with another interpretation of this crop circle (I'm French sorry) :  pourquoi-la-fourmi

Remy Guyon

Google Translate:-


This Crop Circle appeared on June 21, 2019, the day of the solstice that marks a transition.  Reviewing Laurent Dureau's following video on unconditional giving, I just captured a synchronicity that I feel I have to share.


Already, this is video 21, which resonates with June 21st... Now watch it from 1:07.20', and arrive at 1:08.31'' listen carefully The ant follows the path it feels, while being in a collective. And what's in the word ant? It is by having faith that we dare to be guided like the ant, detached from the mind. Compared to the drawing on which the ant travels, the concentric circles represent different dimensions. Let's work in Unity, with the Earth, the galactics, the intraterran,... (see video at 1:25 a.m.) Also, this Crop Circle of June 21, 2019 appeared 333 days after the one on July 23, 2018 which represented a multidimensional door, and which Umberto interpreted in Part 6 (click here to see this part of the show:


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Hello dear readers and writers,

I only want to answer the person
Remy Guyon who wrote in his report (copy in): "...And what's in the word ant? It is by having faith that we dare to be guided like the ant, detached from the mind..." 

Sorry, but if YOU feel like an ant with the so deep longing to 'be guided' then I can only shake my head due to your so naive thinking.
Mankind exists since how many years, counted from the age of the 'modern human'? And what do you want to tell here??? That over all the centuries, even thousands of years of so called 'development', you come to the conclusion that 'people dare now to be guided like ants?' Even guided 'detached' ???  What did you say??? .... Sorry, but you cannot be a rational thinking Earth human........

Anyway, regarding the very long report which was placed above your so weird report, I can answer these ones in same manner: You all failed to see the bottom line, which was expressed with this crop circle. Similar to politicians you tell a lot, but say nothing. Those people do have many 'ideas' without having realised the facts - same as you do. And another one sad fact: Politicians never admit their mistakes - same as you do not do. As you can see now, only the 'quantity' of a report does not mean to meet the point. Likewise it is really primitive to write about ants and compare them with humans - as if humans have no real brain to use.......

Short hints to help you out:

The depicted massive ring around the ant just means the 'room' where you walk around. And it is no special room because your 'room' is just wasted time, same as the ant sits at a place or is running around and around......for what reason ever...... The outer ring means the 'space' where the ant may walk too - which means a very little space around its usually used 'walking way'. To make it short: Humans prefer to walk on very short and comfortable (lazy) ways - as always.  So they miss the chance to be prepared for the future.

Did you copy that? Fine - and Goodbye



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike