La Rosiere Sicault, Nr Louans, Indre-et-Loire, France. Reported 3rd July

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France and the twelfth star

In the count of objects that, unexpectedly, are appearing in series in France, since the first of June, this would be the twelfth. Therefore, the twelfth star in the French homeland elected by the Virgin Mary and its Notre Dame cathedrals. This model once again repeats the patterns of several previous ones, especially those circles within the lunar crescent, three coupled circles that certainly

It appeared on the 3rd of July in Indre et Loire, on the same day of another crop circle similar, in Thomasse, also in France, and in the same style. The one who, since June, I have interpreted as astronomical diagrams of the eclipses and planetary alignments of the month of June to July, with impacts of energy on the Earth that is already being verified in several parts, hurricanes, volcanoes and worrisome earthquakes, as well as systems of communication failing because of possible peaks of electromagnetic radiation coming from the Sun ...

I set up a legend for the French crop circles:
The. Circles and Crescent: Eclipses
B. line or series circles: alignments of the planets
c: waves, spirals, contours, yang-yin, senoids: energies generated in the described astronomical events.

And one thing is confirmed:
If this type of message continues even after the solar eclipse of 2 July, it is because the events continue to generate energies, perhaps even more intense after this eclipse, as some models describe (as Saulx Marchais, 29.06).

I highlight the 16th of July, lunar eclipse, and then, July 26, the heliacal birth of Sirius, where I detected important alignments in the planetary configurations.

Ps: Just as the crop circle of Twin Terrils, 30.06, made an appointment to the Gemini twins and constellation, the name THOMASSE did the same thing because, in Hebrew, Thomas  means Twin.
Jonas Passos (05.07.2019)

7.1 Earthquake in California and intense activity in the region

The first of great intensity happened on Thursday, 04/07, shortly after a day after the total eclipse of the Sun, on 07/07 and in the same longitude range of the solar eclipse!

And today, July 6, another still stronger earthquake fell in the same region, of 7.1 , and the region is being hit by an intense seismic swarm that already has more than four hundred replicates in 72 hours.
And 72 hours is the exact time between today, July 6, and the day of the eclipse, nightfall of July 2.

On July 4, 11:00 UTC, the first major earthquake, 6.4 , occurred 12 km from Searles Valley, followed by hundreds of aftershocks, and today an even stronger earthquake at 03:19 UTC, 17 km from Ridgecrest , coordinates 35.76N and 117.60W

And the alignments in the sky are not over yet. According to the crop circle images, they are in rising wave.

These events, both Hurricane Barbara and the seismic swarm of hundreds of replicas, plus these two powerful California earthquakes, are occurring in the length range where the total solar eclipse of July 2 (7:23 PM UTC) had its climax:


(And do scientists insist that planetary alignments do not cause earthquakes and events on Earth? There is still a long way to go for our science to understand the true cosmology of the integrated Universe.)

Jonas Passos (06.07.2019)



Here we see Jupiters great Van Allen Belts on opposite sides of the Sun (the extreme right and extreme left figures). The trajectory of five comets will pass the orbit of Jupiter on the same side. It seems that all five may come from a similar part of the outer solar system. The comets from left to right, according to size and/or destructiveness, would be E, B, C, D, and A. Comet B can be identified because it hits the Earth in the North Polar Region where the aurora borealis is seen, as in the crop circle of May 8, 1995, shown below, The comet on the left here  (the Warning Comet)  hits much further south.



 Kenneth Heck

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