Sensation: Accelerated plant growth at the pictogram in the fields

Updated Tuesday 25th June 2019


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Sensational news came today from the Krasnodar area. As previously reported, on the night of June 19, 2018, mysterious circles were discovered near the village of Sokolovskoye (close to Krasnodar city). To study the pictogram, several research groups left for the site, who managed to take samples, take measurements, take photographs and video footage before the cereals were harvested and the field was plowed. After 4 months, contrary to the natural cycle, green plants appeared at the place of the phenomenon, repeating the pictogram pattern.

The appearance of this pictogram and materials on the detected phenomenon was presented by a ufologist and a member of the Russian Geographical Society of the city of Armavir Sergey Frolov at the conference "The Unknown", which was held in Moscow on September 29-30, 2018. In the same place, at the conference, from the site "World of Secrets", the theme of the appearance of the drawings on the margins over time was raised. In

Particular, as an example, instances of the manifestation of pictograms in former places after a few years on the fields of Great Britain were given.

Traces in the fields after years/Place of appearance of the pictogram a few years after the appearance, filmed in 2016 in the UK

The uniqueness of the event has several aspects at once:

Tracking and fixing of abnormal growth is made quite a short time after plowing up the field.

The emergence of another criterion, by which one can distinguish a real pictogram created by external forces from a fake one created by people, becomes obvious. The criterion of abnormal plant growth in the place of pictograms was not mentioned earlier in the works of Russian and Western researchers.

This event and the discovery occurred in Russia.

Here is what Sergey Frolov himself told about the event:


The discovery was made by chance, we were lucky. My friend Victor Otchalko yesterday went to the city of Krasnodar along the Rostov-Baku highway, and, passing by the place where the phenomenon was discovered in the summer, threw a glance in that direction. Victor immediately noticed clearly marked green areas on the background of a plowed field. What was his surprise when he realized that they were located exactly on the site of the June pictogram. Of course, Victor urgently called me, offered to make a departure for a survey of the territory and record what he saw.

Today we drove there right in the morning, the weather was good, sunny and warm. With the help of a quadcopter we made a fly-through of the territory and we were able to confirm the fact that 4 months after the discovery of the pictogram, it again appeared on the surface of the plowed field. According to preliminary information, winter wheat has sprung up there. We will continue to observe what will happen to it.

This event in Russia is recorded for the first time and we need more information on this area, on winter wheat, soil analysis and many other factors. We will continue to research.

Ufologist and researcher Pavel Khaylov noted the importance of the discovery:



I think that the sprouted winter crops, which marked the place with their growth, just confirm the presence of anomalous energy at the place of the former pattern. The phenomenon with effects on vegetation was observed at UFO landing sites, including triangular ones. There was also recorded an unusual course of time. Perhaps due to this process, plants grow much faster than others, and usually have a different color. Such anomalous energy affects the flora differently: it can inhibit or accelerate the growth of plants. In this case, energy is positive for growth.

The uniqueness of this situation is that it became possible for the first time to track the appearance of circles and their subsequent fate in real time.

In addition, thanks to these events, we received another sign of how to distinguish real icons from fake ones.

The first video shot with the help of a high quality drone, kindly provided by TV Extra, is already available to the general public:

It is important to note that the field on which the pictogram appeared was later mowed out in the usual way - the crop was "removed" from it. The presence of the pictogram did not bother anyone, and the combine simply rode around the image, collecting cereals. This process is recorded on video:

Nikolay Subbotin, Director of RUFORS Russian UFO Research Station, also gave his comment:

Undoubtedly, this is an important discovery, which in the first place allows reliably distinguishing between fake and real figures. But a more important aspect is the identification of a certain technogenic impact on plants and soil, which leads to the intensification of the growth of cereal crops. What exactly is the activator of this growth - still need to find out.


The fact of such an impact reveals another very serious problem. As we know, the existence of UFOs is denied at the official level, as, indeed, the impact of such objects on the earth's techno and biosphere. Fields on which strange signs and figures appear are mown in the usual manner without any checks for biological or other contamination. The grain goes into processing, and then comes to us on the table in the form of a variety of pastries. However, what exactly is happening with

this grain, which has fallen into the zone of influence, no one, of course, understands and does not even think about the possible consequences.

We know very well that terrestrial technologies allow us to create genetically modified products with a number of characteristics that are different from natural ones. However, what new qualities are acquired plants collected from the "crop circles", we have no idea. Why does wheat grow faster in the "circles"? And how much has it remained "ground" wheat? How will products made from such grain affect human biology and genetics? Do not quite innocuous buns include "sleeping" genes, which we had no idea earlier? Or do they otherwise act on DNA, creating a new kind of person over several generations: "Homo Cosmicus"?

In my opinion, this problem should be considered at the level of national security, since once again we are confronted with a factor of indirect influence on Earth civilization through implicit processes. Probably, the long-awaited contact with another form of mind has already taken place, but not as many expected. And who knows, maybe a piece of this "mind" is already in us.

Tatyana Makarova, researcher of anomalous phenomena, shared her opinion about what happened:


What happened in this place is very significant, important and confirms the unusual conditions in which vegetation is located in the place where the so-called "English" crop circles appear. After all, instead of quietly completing the growing season and preparing for winter, the plants rapidly grew. It will be very interesting to see if these awakened plants will not be able to survive the winter period safely, and what will happen to them in the spring. We do not know which physical factors affected vegetation. But it is obvious that nature reacts to these factors as to powerful stress.

But we humans are also part of nature. So far, we have no idea what residual radiation will affect crops in this field in the spring of next year. And how these

"irradiated" cultures will affect the health of the people who ate them. And some of our fellow citizens are already eating bread from cereals irradiated in this place.

It seems to me that in addition to attempts to decipher the meaning of the combination of circles and lines that appeared on the field in the summer of 2018, it is also important to understand the influencing physical factors. Therefore, the fundamental inattention of the scientific community to the study of the phenomenon of "circles" is at least recklessness.

The unique discovery made by Russian researchers allows you to look at the question of pictograms in the margins from a new angle. There is no doubt that the phenomenon will be studied further and soon new data will appear, probably no less surprising. We will try to keep up to date with all those who are interested in this topic.

Dmitry Danilov, especially for the World of Secrets website



Please note that in 2018 there were two unusual news in Russia:

1.       June 19, 2018 in the Krasnodar region on one of the fields were found big symbols. They were found almost immediately after the appearance and conducted the necessary studies.

2.       After the field broke out, the cereals in the place of the symbol sprouted again, despite the coming winter and the cold temperature.

This is observed for the first time. 

Attached is a PDF document with a translation of the news article into English. 

Several articles were devoted to this topic, which contain photographs, videos and opinions of Russian experts.

All these materials can be translated into English and republished, indicating the source - the site «World of secrets». If you want publishing it on your website there should be a direct link to

In this case, the use of materials does not require a separate payment. 

Link to the original articles (can be viewed with a quick translation by «Google Translate»):

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P.S. At one session, the medium indicated that another civilization leaves these symbols and the next symbol will appear on the field in the USA. Details of session you can find at link

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