Venton Farm, Nr Marazion, Cornwall. Reported 24th May.

Map Ref: SW5304230468

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Flying Away I would call the crop @Venton Farm, Nr Marazion, Cornwall. Reported 24th May. 

The Vessel flies away into the ocean using its instrument to pin the object at the surroundings. 

This representation appeared right infront of St Michael's Mount at edge of @St Michael Leyline in south UK

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Fred Velasco 

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The circlemakers are always very frugal in their images. Here the normal four-sided impact beacon (see GBR (12/07/29) pg. 100,  (15/07/12) pg. 295, etc. of my free e-book) is missing one arm in order to clearly depict the usual figure for a smaller fragment (T638 pg. 172). At the bottom a distant space vehicle is monitoring the trajectory of the fragment below as it approaches the impact point. The very small line at the top of the fragment relates to the fragmentís trajectory seen as coming in behind the triangle. The surrounding circles represent gas, dust, and small particles associated with the fragment and the material rising from the crater generated by the impact
Ken Heck 

Van Holande‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -

'Well, the year has started at high speed and itís been hectic keeping up with the various messages within the Crop Circles but having gone back through the years the message appears to be very clear. Iíll start with the SWALLOWS Crop Circle of 2008 which I will say again is the greatest design ever produced. Not only does it show 12 Swallows it shows as well the going and returning of a journey and to add to that it shows the Olive Oil Lamps of the Parable of the Ten Virgins. The Creators put as much meaning in to their designs as possible and it wasnít until the creation of the Countdown Clock at Prudentopolis on the 27th Sept 2016 that I realized what the 12 stood for. The Clock showed the countdown from 2016 to 2020, it was then I realized that the 12 was for the number of years from 2008 to 2020.The recent Crop Circles are backing up the message of THE RETURNÖ..The name JESUS within the Sun and Planets, the Seed of Life design showing a small distance to correct the pattern implying there is only a short distance to go, the Mother and Child Crop Circle at Cerne Abbas in Dorset and another Lamp at Oxlease Copse, Nr Stitchcombe, Wiltshire UK on the 21st May 2017, again referring to the Lamb but also as a message to us to shine as Lamps in a dark World and be an example to others. The Crop Circle Iíd been waiting for came on the 24th of May 2017 at Venton Farm. Nr Marazion, Cornwall again showing flight in the form of a Plane and backing up the COUNTDOWN with 3...3...3...3. There are now 3 years to go, TIME is running out and Iím sure the messages are now going to come fast and furious.'


The Cornwall formation looks similar to a recent photo from the Juno mission through the rings of Jupiter.

I overlay-ed the crop formation onto the Juno image and came up with this.  Notice that there are numerous points of correspondence. The two radial lines on the formation line up with two bright stars, the tracks line up with the belt, and several stars fall in the surrounding circles... 

Elk Shadow

Jonas Passos‎ posts us his latest slide with his covering text -


Feast of the Harvests of the Jews, when the first cereal species (such as barley) began to be harvested at the time of the fiftieth day after Easter. As the first crop circle of the 2017 season (UK) took place on Easter Sunday, April 16, at Cherhill White Horse, so the date of tomorrow (Pentecost) seems to me to be relevant to indicate the spiritual harvest of the Earth.
In fact, in the aerial view of the recent crop circle of FontHill Down, May 30, appears a figure that resembles a flying Dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit in the context of Christian Pentecost.
And the crop circle of FontHill Down illustrated harvest of six spikes, with six arcs counting the six days between May 30 and the day of tomorrow, June 4.

Everything seems to be connected here!'


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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike