Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 4th May

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Not a good effort this time, nothing like four nice crop pictures from April of 2017 

A new crop picture near Willoughby Hedge on May 4, 2017 seems to point to where another elegant crop picture appeared, on the other side of a hedge of trees, on June 5, 2016. This new example seems however not to be of any “clandestine mystery”, but rather a human-made fake.

We can see heavy “construction lines" everywhere inside, where many people seem to have walked. These literally expose the bare soil in some places! If we change the colour of these images from bright yellow to dark pink, then we can see such bare regions more easily:  

Most of the delicate flowers from yellow oilseed rape plants, inside of those heavily-flattened regions, appear to have been crushed, flat to the ground. Finally the borders between flattened and standing crop, as well as various straight lines of this image, appear ragged and/or crooked.

In summary, unless this was a deliberate attempt by the paranormal crop artists (who just made four nice pictures in April of 2017) to "make fun of the local plankers”, then this new May 4 crop picture would seem to be a human-made fake. Many thanks to the photographers who documented its appearance and characteristics, especially Matthew Williams, Hugh Newman and Neil Petherick. 

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)



The overall precision of geometry from an aerial perspective seems to compare well with countless other canola formations that are, by probability standards at least, mysterious in origin. The course nature of canola, as said many times before is that it does not lend itself to sharp edged design or ultra-neat ground lay unlike wheat which is sown more densely resulting in a much tighter impression. So to not concider such in appraisal would seem misleading.


The bare areas within the ground-lay equate to the way in which the crop has been energy 'combed' and there seems to be a consistency of this feature here over all 17 separate components of the design. In other words the lay was not formed by means of one continuous sweep in one direction or the other commonly found so often elsewhere. I have seen this combed feature many times before and it is not consistent with foot tread as in pathways inferring human involvement; pathways are largely continuous. Also, canola fields commonly have bare patches in random areas which hinder let's call it, the 'perfect' ground-lay impression.

Bearing in mind that canola is the most inhospitable material to be next to I would find it very hard to accept humans would tackle such a task at night resulting in a very satisfactory first-time result without mistakes. This always seems to be the case with crop formations over the decades. If humans were involved probability would suggest at least a small percentage of aborted missions whereon the work up to the point of error was correct and true. 

This field bean formation  which occurred 7.6.2010 at Stoney Littleton Long Barrow appears to have striking similarities suggesting a common author. The foot tread path of visitors is clearly visible, continuous from one circle to the next, which the Willoughby CF does not have. For me, when I visited this event I found it extra interesting as CFs are not common in field beans; I personally never saw one before.

Here the photo of Willoughby.

Copyright CCC 2017 with thanks.

Here the photo of Stoney Littleton.

Copyright Olivier Morel with thanks.

Paul Jacobs (CGI)

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Time for most active Visualization of our Dreams

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 4th May 2017 is a day with the Solar Sea “Red Dragon” with Tone 7, in the Blue Eagle Wavespell, in the Central Green Castle of Enchantment.

 In my opinion, on the formation are depicted following energies:

Red Dragon – Birth, Nurturing, Existence, Memory
White Wind – Breathe, Spirit, Connection, Communication
Blue Night - Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Blue Hand – Knowledge, Accomplishment, Healing
White Wizard – Timelessness, Receptivity, Enchantment
White Mirror – Reflection, Infinity, Meditation
Tone 7 – the Resonant Tone of Attunement (with the Source and with All That Is)

The small circle D in the center of the formation depicts the energy RED DRAGON – Solar Seal No. 1. Red Dragon symbolizes the “female aspect” of the Source (Mother God), this is the basic energy which builds the energy net of the Universe.

The 2 smaller circles “W” depict the energy White Wind (Solar Seal No. 2), which symbolizes the “male aspect” of the Source (Father God), the Energy of Spirit.

These 3 circles depict the energy Blue Night (Solar Seal No. 3), which symbolizes the human’s Soul (the Divine Child).

These three circles are connected through a common line, on this way is shown that on this day with Tone 7 we, the human’s souls, have the possibility for Resonant Attunement with the Source. This gives us strong spiritual energy, fills us with inspiration.

On the periphery of the formation there are two arcsH with 7 circles each. Here the number 7 symbolizes:
- Tone 7 – the Tone of the day
- the energy Blue Hand – Solar Seal No. 7
- there are 7 days until the end of the Blue Eagle wavespell

On both arcs “Н” there are 14 circles in total. Here the number 14 symbolizes the energy White Wizard – Solar Seal No. 14. We are in the last castle of Tzolkin - the Central Green Castle of Enchantment. We are the Wizards, we transform the reality by using all energy tools, which we have learned from the beginning of the current Tzolkin until now.

On this day with Tone 7 the Source transmits to the human inspiring, uplifting energy and the human can fly like an Eagle ;-). The whole formation looks like a “propeller”, which turns us and uplift us. The Blue Eagle is the second last energy which we learn before the last – Yellow Sun – the Energy of Ascension.

The Red Resonant Dragon with Tone 7 is Kin (day) 241 in Tzolkin. With Kin 241 begin the last 20 days, the 13th column of Tzolkin. It is a Galactic Portal Activation day. The Red Resonant Dragon fills us with energy for flight. The Blue Eagle has to learn how to receive energy from the Source, this is his “fuel”. And we see that this “fuel” is the Energy of Dreams. The Dreams inspire us
, give us wings. When we strive to realize our Dreams, we feel ourselves uplifted. We fly on the wings of our Dreams. The Blue Eagle turns our hands to wings ;-).

The three circles in the center of the formation depict the energy Blue Night. These 3 circles are like eyes, where the circle in the middle is the Third Eye. Blue Eagle is the Energy of Vision and it helps us also for the opening of the Third Eye.

Here the Third Eye coincides with the energy Red Dragon. We have to learn to consciously connect with this powerful creative energy, in order to use it for creating all kind of forms and so to realize our Dreams and Visions.

The 7 circles of the arcs “Н” depict also the 7 days until the end of the Blue Eagle wavespell, the days from Tone 7 until Tone 13. We have 7 days for most active Creating work, for Creation through Visualization.

On the formation are depicted 3 Blue transforming energies:

Blue Night Dreams, Intuition, Abundance
Blue Hand Accomplishment, Healing
Blue Eagle Vision, Creativity

The Blue Night gives us Dreams.

The Blue Eagle teaches us to Visualize our Dreams, on this way we transmit to the Universe more detailed images and visions and the Universe organizes their realization and transmits the corresponding creative impulses to the Blue Hand.
The Blue Hand accomplishes the real actions for the realization of the Dreams.

Each arc “H” has 7 circles, which depict mirrors and symbolize the energy White Mirror - the Supporting energy of the Red Dragon. The White Mirror symbolizes the infinite Universe, which with the methods of Reflection multiplies and reflects back to us our thoughts, ideas, dreams, visions and helps us for their realization.

The Blue Eagle wavespell is time for most active Creation. It is time when we have to open our “three eyes”, to scrutinize the reality around and to visualize the changes we want to see in our life. The Universe, the Source expect to receive from us our visions - how we want to be improved the things on personal and foremost on social plane – in the society, on the Earth. On this way we co-create the desired New Reality.

Sincere gratitude to the authors of this amazing formation, to the photographer
Hugh Newman and to the photographers of www.cropcircleconnector.com !

Maya Todorova

A presumption of authenticity

Maybe, Red Collie is right; maybe, the latest crop circle at Willoughby Hedge is a hoax, perpetrated by bunglers with ropes and boards, and heavy, trampling feet—maybe

But it occurs to me that hoaxers are apt to avoid oil seed rape (canola) because the risk of detection is greater than in other crops; that is to say, canola’s thin, brittle stems, being relatively defiant of smooth, graceful bends, pose a significant challenge that is easily avoided. 

Consequently, I have often thought the choice of canola is revealing of risk acceptance; and therefore deliberate.  This, I think, supports a presumption of authenticity.  Put another way, as Marshall McLuhan famously remarked, “the medium is the message.” 

Of course, this presumption, like any other, is subject to rebuttal; and in particular, to investigative findings on the ground.  But assuming for the moment that it withstands investigation, what might the circle-makers be trying to tell us? 

John DelCampo


Sacred Number 7 plays a scientific role in creation.

These 2 Videos explain the geometry of the Heptagon and demonstrate the way it determines the dimensions of the MOON and EARTH as well as the dimensions of the 3 Pyramids of Giza.

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