Delley-Portalban, Broye, Canton Fribourg, Switzerland. Reported 27th June

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Counting time until a total solar eclipse in two lunar months or 55 days on August 21, 2017?   

Our Moon will rotate in its orbit about the Earth, relative to the Sun, two full times between a new Moon on June 23 and the August 21 solar eclipse. You can see such rotary motions of our Moon and Sun from a geocentric perspective here (see geocentric_orrery):  

This interpretation would be supported by the observation that a small central circle from the Delley-Portalban crop picture is swirled anti-clockwise, to simulate Earth’s daily rotation from west-to-east, while three large circles outside are swirled clockwise, to simulate our Moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth from east-to-west. You can see details of the flattened lay on “Aerial Shots” in a photograph near the bottom of the page (please click on that link above left).  

In other words, the small central circle from this new crop picture is swirled anti-clockwise, like for a small blue arrow near the centre in a movie shown below, while all of its three large circles outside are swirled clockwise, like for a large red arrow and a small red dot:  


These are precisely the relative motions of our rotating Earth, and a Moon in monthly orbital rotation around it. A large “triskelion” shape within the crop picture indicates in which direction our Moon will be rotating (13 times faster than for any sky motion of the Sun). Starting from the last new Moon on June 23, there will be two more on July 23 or August 21 (or three in total), before a total solar eclipse.

A long, thin “serpent” shape connects that “epsilon” shape to precisely where the crop picture was drawn. Please see a thin, dashed, brown line in the slide above. 

This crop picture suggests a “propeller” icon for yachts or ocean-going ships. Might the crop artists be headed our way on a “ship”?  

The landscape near that Swiss crop picture also shows two other overlapping and highly-relevant symbolisms, of a “star map” or “image of Quetzalcoatl”, as described in other information given below.

Three interesting features of a new crop picture at Delley-Portalban in Switzerland on June 27, 2017: firstly a “Celtic triskelion” with the capital letter “Q” overlaid three times inside; secondly a “star map” of the Pleiades M45 in the nearby landscape, which was completed by drawing this crop picture; and thirdly a large image of “Quetzalcoatl” in the broad landscape, which matches his depiction in the Codex Borgia 

This new crop picture which appeared near Delley-Portalban in Switzerland on June 27, 2017 seems somewhat small and not well-characterized, and we have no reliable information as to whether it is paranormal or locally human-made. Yet it still shows some interesting features, which might be usefully presented and discussed. 

First it resembles a “Celtic triskelion”, except some of the curved lines along the outside appear strangely “broken”: 

The fallen wheat of this crop picture swirls clockwise within each of three large “rings” which make up the triskelion, yet it swirls anti-clockwise within a small circle at the very centre, and also anti-clockwise for three broad regions of crop which lie between those rings,  and proceed from the centre to the outside.  

Initially it seemed perplexing why those enigmatic crop artists would have drawn each long, curved “outer arm” of the triskelion as “broken”? Then with further study, we noticed that each large “ring” of the triskelion has been carefully shaped, so as to fit a capital letter “Q” inside:  

In studies of modern crop pictures, the capital letter “Q” usually stands for an unseen man called “Quetzalcoatl” who seems to be making these field pictures by means of unknown technologies, even though he may be far from Earth while doing so. As we shall see below, that seems to be the case once again here.  

As a second interesting feature of the Delley-Portalban crop picture, we noticed that the field location where it was drawn (marked by a small yellow circle in the slide below) looks like some kind of “star map”:  

When we looked more closely, we found that the nearby landscape resembles a “star map” of the Pleiades M45 open star cluster:  

The new crop picture in this landscape “star map” provides the exact location of one bright star which was “missing” from the expected array, namely “Merope”, as may be deduced by studying a photograph of the real stars at lower right. 

Just below these many “stars” in the landscape, we can see two large “Greek numbers” which seem to match “epsilon” or “nu” (not shown, please search for “Delley-Portalban, Switzerland” using Google Earth to learn more). In Greek mathematics, the letter “epsilon” stands for “5”, while “nu” stands for “50”. Together those two landscape “numbers” add to “55”, which matches the number of days between when this crop picture appeared on June 27, and a total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  

As a third interesting feature of the Delley-Portalban crop picture, we noticed that the broad landscape where it was drawn, when studied from above using Google Earth, looks like an image of “Quetzalcoatl” from the famous Aztec “Codex Borgia”:  

The crop picture in this scheme (marked with a small red circle in the slide above) would be his “belt buckle”, and indeed it resembles a similar curved feature in that image taken from the Aztec codex. Now his new “belt buckle” in the year 2017 seems to be a Celtic triskelion which has the letter “Q” repeated circularly three times, as shown above at lower right!  

A final slide, shown below, explains this artistic metaphor clearly and lucidly, so that no one will remain perplexed or confused:  

This is all meant to be clever humour, do you understand please?  

To summarize, our crop-artist friend is called “Q” or “Quetzalcoatl”. He seems to come from the Pleiades M45 star cluster. He lived on Earth with the Mayans long ago, where he was known as a “jester”. Now he is wearing a “Celtic triskelion” as his belt buckle, inscribed three times with the capital letter “Q”, as drawn in crops. He also reminds us that there are only “55 days” left until a solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.  

Interestingly this crop-drawn “triskelion” is a mirror image of the usual “triskelion” which we see in Celtic art or jewellery on Earth. There were supposedly a group of visiting extra-terrestrials from the Pleiades who met Billy Meier in Switzerland in the 1970’s, although few people believe his story. One of them was a man called “Quetzal”. They informed Billy that they had come from a “mirror universe” to our own.  

However you may wish to interpret this new Swiss crop picture, it has been a great crop-circle season so far in the spring and early summer of 2017, and it will be very interesting to see what happens next.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)





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