The Forests Way, Nr Roydon, Essex, United Kingdom. Reported 24th July

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A new crop picture at Forests Way on July 24, 2016 seems to be a schematic diagram which shows part of Earth’s night sky for August 6, 2016 around 0000 GMT, when Jupiter (with its four moons) makes a close conjunction with our bright crescent Moon  

A computer-generated image of Earth’s night sky for August 6, 2016 at 0000 GMT is shown below, as part of the next slide.  

In order to create this slide, a wide section of “empty space” was omitted between “Saturn” and “Mars” on the left, versus “Jupiter”, “Moon”, Mercury” and “Venus” on the right:  

A ring of four medium-sized circles around “Jupiter” are presumably meant to represent its “four moons”.  

A small circle-marker for “Jupiter moon 1” might also be meant to represent its “red spot”.  

Four small circle-markers for “Jupiter moon 4” might also be meant to represent “four stars in a line”, just to the left of “Mars”.  

At least one large circle on the left, in the vicinity of “Mars” between “Saturn” and “Jupiter”, remains unexplained by this model. There should be only one large circle there, yet instead we see two.  

Another large circle on the right for “Mercury” seems to have been drawn (in crops) as a capital letter “Q”, if you examine the aerial photographs closely (see forestsway2016a). Perhaps this is a signature of the crop artist?  

Six bright celestial objects have been suggested here in crops, while the date of that Jupiter-Moon conjunction (or occultation) will be August 6, 2016 around 0330 GMT (see moon-occults-jupiter-weekend or astronomical-phenomena-events-for-this-year).  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Thanks to Michael Romeo for the computer-generated image of Earth’s night sky as shown above.



The innocence of the child expressed by Chiron

Childish solar system

The formation shows the outer planets of the solar system, drawn in a childish way and planets/moons mixed up:

The largest four (Galilean) moons of Jupiter seem to orbit in the rings of Saturn. It symbolizes the gravitational force of Saturn. Uranus is drawn very big and expresses the orbit of Uranus rather than Uranus itself. The orbit of Uranus also seems to have encapsulated the elliptic orbit of Chiron. The orbit of Chiron on the long run is instable and Chiron will be rejected under the influence of Saturn and Uranus. Hence, the formation primarily seems to express Chiron. Chiron is the wounded healer. The damaged crop may be an expression of this wound. The reason why Chiron is important is shown in the following picture, which connects the rulers of the planets according to astrology:

Chiron has rings, is a comet and connects the outermost Oort cloud (source of comets) with the innermost planet Mercury. Chiron joins the ultimate personal and transpersonal development; it is the final state of development: becoming the innocent child again, grown wise by the wounds and rejection he/she experienced. Chiron as a comet has a connection with the Oort cloud and is only loosely bound to the sun; the objects in the Oort cloud are also influenced by the gravitation of nearby stars. Hence, Chiron as a representative of the Oort cloud is not under the strict influence of the sun and understands that the sun is just a star as billions of other stars. Only Chiron can surpass the ego.

Nearby lake

The reference to Chiron is confirmed by the moon-Chiron-conjunction on the day the formation was created, both in the sign Pisces (fishes, in both the tropical as well as the sidereal zodiac). The nearby lake symbolizes fishes. This possibly refers to the future: on March 27, Chiron and the moon return to the same position in the zodiac. On March 27, Venus rises heliacal and by April 24, Venus, the moon and Chiron rise conjunct in the morning, before sunrise.

Marc Smulders

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

On the left side we see a comet, probably A,  passing Jupiter (See Section 7, pg. 71). It generates fragments as it travels through the Asteroid Belt and when it  passes Earth  it displays  five large  fragments and six smaller ones according to the photo. The three arcs are suggesting the time elapsing in partial days, months, years, or 11-year solar cycles.  After going around the Sun the comet continues on the right to grow in size (from Earth's perspective) at full temperature until it reaches maximum size just before impacting Earth. The crescent in the largest ring is the typical shape for the Van Allen Belts of Earth (T389, pg. 72).  

At the bottom, the Warning Comet receives a velocity push to move it out of orbit on the left. On the right the comet has passed around the Sun and is losing small grains of matter into its tail. As it passes Earth it fragments - and one fragment is known to strike Earth. It isn’t clear what happens to the other fragments. The remainder of the comet continues on out of the inner Solar System. The half-arc timing indication suggests about 5 or 6 years for the return of the comet to something near its original position. For the page references download the free ebook at

Ken Heck

Phase 3 looks like it is not part of the formation. I think it is not a comet, too. The picture reminds me the pictures of rocket plane Challenger crash 30 years ago. The catastrophe took place live when all the people were watching.

I got an idea to check our solar system planets´ position at the moment of the tragedy. At the time, the planets were sorted into two rows and also nearly all of them on one side from the Sun.

I send one more picture. In the picture are two crop circles. I think they have a lot in common. Crop circle of 22 July 2003 was in a group of three crop circles on the same field. I think that show the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. The tragedy took place Feb. 1, 2003 during descent into the atmosphere.

Perhaps it's a reminder of the tragic events, or perhaps a warning?






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Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike