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Last Tuesday (September 27th) the Brazilian UFO Magazine received an e-mail from Rodolfo Schier informing on the appearance of a possible crop circle in the city of Prudentopolis, 200km from Curitiba, capital city of the State of Parana. A video was also sent by a local resident, Mr. Tito Santini, showing this possible crop circle. Santini is the owner of the farm where this same phenomenon happened last year (October 6th) and was also investigated by the UFO Magazine.


Initial analyses on video and photos received pointed to a strong possibility that the circle was authentic. This possibility, however, could only be confirmed by a field research in the affected area, which was done yesterday (September 28th) by A. J. Gevaerd, editor of UFO Magazine and co-editor Toni Inajar Kurowski. Gevaerd has been a crop circle researcher for more than 20 years both in Brazil and Europe having followed up all occurrences of this phenomenon in Brazil since 2008. Kurowski is a crime scene investigator at the State Police in Parana and has become an expert in the analysis of the circle shapes.


Yesterday (September 28th), Gevaerd and Kurowski arrived in Prudentopolis and reached the affected plantation at Fazenda Estrela (“Farm Star” – a property of Mr. Eder Renato Rickli) at around 10h00 AM or 10h30 AM. At that moment, nobody was at the place, which sits some 6km to 7km from the city center. In order to reach the exact location, one has to travel through the Linha Esperança (Hope Line), a paved road, before entering Linha Galícia (Galicia Line), a dirt road. The property sits along this last line and the crop circle was about 200m from the road, remaining partially visible from it.







Gevaerd and Kurowski investigate and take measurements of the circle features  



The field research carried out by Gevaerd and Kurowski consisted in entering the circle in order to examine all of its features, analysing the characteristics of the phenomenon and trying to determine their nature. Initially, it was noted that many of the authentic patterns seen in Brazilian crop circles for the past eight years – and 40 years worldwide – were equally present in this circle found in Prudentopolis. Soil and plant samples were also collected from inside and outside of the circle for subsequent analysis.


The patterns forming the whole figure were measured with the following results: one external ring which is 1m wide and 64m in diameter. Inside of it there was a smaller ring and inside of this a shape resembling a six-petal flower. These were long shapes measuring 20m in length each. All petals were perfectly aligned with its center making it an impressive view. In fact, the whole set of shapes is exuberant.


Intersecting the external ring were two circles in symmetrical position, each measuring 8m in diameter, to the south of the figure. Another ring measuring 12,5m in diameter was found to the north. This crop circle is of a south-north orieantation. By “ring” we refer to a circumference of folded plants in which interior plants are not folded. By “circle” we refer to a circumference of folded plants in its interior.







Prudentopolis crop circle in details. September 27th, 2016



In both external rings, in the ring intersecting the larger ring, and also in the two circles plants were folded counterclockwise. A complex pattern was found inside the petals: plants were folded in parallel, from the outside to the inside of each of these shapes, pointing to the center of the whole figure. However, looking from the center of the figure, at the right edge of each petal there was a 20cm to 30cm strip of plants folded contrary to the other folded plants. How could that be done?


This one is a wheat plantation still very lush and green in its very early stage for harvest. Plants are about 1m high and grains are very healthy. Terrain is nearly all levelled with few minor differences between one area to another. Cutting through the whole 64m figure there are tractor marks, which is common in any kind of plantation, since that is the path used to apply fertilizers and pesticides.


The examination of characteristics and patterns found in this crop circle plus the total absence of human traces such as footprints, soil perforations, or tire tracks not related to the maintenance of the plantation leads to the conclusion that this phenomenon is unmistakably authentic. This research was followed by analyses of electric and magnetic anomalies inside the figure employing a compass and a detector for variations in the electromagnetic field. Results from both devices resulted negative. No anomalies were found, which is not an uncommon find.




Drone image pointing towards the centre of the petals, partial view of the whole figure



The examination, analysis, measurements, and study of this crop circle, already considered as authentic, took about 2 hours and were stopped at noon for lunch and subsequent interview with locals. By returning to the site only two hours later, Gevaerd and Kurowski were surprised to find new elements about 15m from the figure, between this and the road.


Analyses, measurements, and examination of these new elements revealed those to be numbers “4” and “3” forming together “43” formed by adjoining rectangular shapes. This new finding raised suspicions that the numbers were added during the two hours in which the researchers were absent from the place. This possibility is reinforced due to the proximity of local elections in which a candidate from Prudentopolis, Nene Saviski, runs with Green

Party’s number 43. Therefore, such new elements, though showing in the aerial filming, are not considered part of the original crop circle and should be disregarded.


When returning to the site, the researchers conducted new analyses for about 3 hours. During this period, the crop circle and its surroundings were filmed from a Phanton 3 Pro drone equipped with a full HD and 4k camera. Both features were used for the films and photos obtained. The drone operator was Rodrigo Bobeck, a businessman from the city of Ponta Grossa. His services were fully paid by the UFO Magazine totalling R$ 750.00 (about USD 235.00). 




Drone image of the whole figure



After concluding the filming and other analysis, Gevaerd and Kurowski left the place heading to the capital city of Curitiba. Along the way, they were surprised with statements by the owner of the plantation, Mr. Eder Renato Rickli, claiming the crop circle would be a fake. According to the press, he said that: “This was done by people with nothing to do. I did my investigation. I saw security cameras along the road, I saw a pickup truck and recognized the plates. Those are my friends’, it was a joke. They told me before that one day they would come to my plantation and do it, just like they did last year”.


Such statements by Mr. Rickli are an absurd and baseless contradiction, as already anticipated by Gevaerd on the 27th, when the editor called the owner who tried to dissuade him from going to Prudentopolis for the field research. Mr. Rickli then said at the phone call that it was all about “friends who joined together to run a bootleg turn” over the plantation. He also claimed there was nothing extraordinary in the figure. Mr. Rickli is wrong and his attitude is considered as an attempt to “close the case” by discrediting the crop circle and avoid people to trespass and disturb his property. He is also a sceptical about these phenomena.



Sketch prepared by Kurowski which dismisses the possibility of “bootleg turns”



Mr. Rickli’s contradictions are obvious. To begin with, the crop circle was located alongside the Galicia Line, as stated above. This means 6km to 7km from the center of the city and 20km from the mentioned highway BR-277. Second, the claim that he saw a pickup truck and its plates through a security camera is baseless, since there are no security cameras in that spot of BR-277. Even if there were cameras, how would he have access to them in such a short period of time?  With the help of National Highway Department (DER)? The claim that his friends are responsible for the crop circle found in 2015 in Tito Santini’s property is equally baseless, since this one was also investigated by the UFO Magazine and considered as authentic.


His comments that it is all about “people with nothing to do” further illustrates his sceptical attitude and a trend to prejudice towards this topic. To other media outlets Mr. Rickli suggests that UFO researchers themselves are the ones with nothing to do. This is a bizarre situation to say the least. We have already seen farmers damaging the circles to prevent visits and research, others preventing people to reach the site, etc, but never found one who would dismiss a crop circle found in his property!  




A. J. Gevaerd

Editor of Revista UFO (UFO Magazine) (

(41) 8872-3839 (41) 3205-4974


Translated by Eduardo Rado





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