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A new crop picture near Prudentopolis, Brazil on September 27-28, 2016 and its mysterious number “43”: what might the crop artists (or others) be trying to tell us?  

A new crop picture which appeared near Prudentopolis in Brazil on September 27, 2016 was quickly and thoroughly investigated by A.J. Gevaerd and colleagues (see or  

This crop picture in mature green wheat showed an excellent and detailed lay of fallen plants. In some places, we could see thin lines of plants standing along field tramlines, which is a typical indicator of paranormal crop pictures (a criterion first noted by researcher Paul Jacobs in England). You can see its field location on Google Earth at latitude 25.166o South, longitude 51.002o West.  

The original crop picture appeared on September 27, while a separate addition was found on the afternoon of September 28 

Everything remained fairly normal concerning this crop picture until the next day of September 28. Then in the early afternoon, just after lunch, a striking addition of two numbers “4” and “3” was made within nearby standing wheat:  

What were the circumstances prior to this unexpected addition? First, the Brazilian researcher A.J. Gevaerd was informed of this new crop picture on September 27. He therefore travelled on the next day of September 28 to Prudentopolis early in the morning, and studied its details on the ground until around 1330 (according to a witness P.G.N.). Two hours later, when he returned from lunch around 1530, a new pattern had been made in outside standing wheat. Two large “numbers” had been added as “4” and “3”.  

Because of some scepticism in Prudentopolis concerning this new crop picture, A.J. naturally attributed the addition of these numbers “4” and “3” to the unseen actions of someone locally, while he was away for two hours at lunch. The combined number “43” is a code for the Green Party (or Partido Verde) in Brazil. Indeed, election campaigns for a local mayor of Prudentopolis were in progress, and one local candidate represented the Greens (see nene-saviski or Green_Party_(Brazil) or  

No one however saw or heard anything specific during those two hours from 1330 to 1530, to the best of my knowledge, which might indicate that the extra “numbers” had been “planked” by local humans, working on the ground with rope and boards.  

A large brown number of “7” in the background field below 

Three other circumstances of this Brazilian crop picture tend to suggest that those numbers “4” and “3” may not have been “planked”, but may have been made by the original (unseen) crop artists themselves. First, when studying this crop picture from the air, we can see a large brown number “7” which was present as crop damage in the field below, before any crop picture was added from above:  

Those two extra numbers of “4” and “3” do add to “7”, just as it appeared in the background field, slightly right of centre in the photograph above. Indeed, if we include the thin double-lined shape (===) of tramlines which separate “4” and “3” from “7”, we could write a combined equation of “4 + 3 = 7”. What a strange coincidence, if those two numbers “4” and “3” were not really meant to be part of the crop picture in its finished form!  

Three inner “planets” in their orbits about the Sun for a near-future date of October 6-7, 2016 

As another strange coincidence, we can see three circles of increasing relative diameter 2-3-4 along the outer ring of this crop picture. The first two circles have been completely flattened, while the third and largest circle is only “ringed”. These three circles seem to match the relative sizes and locations of Mercury, Venus and Earth in orbit around our Sun on October 6 or 7, 2016:  

Two large, thin “rings” which were drawn in crops show relative diameters of “2” or “3” (yellow numbers in the slide above). They match the relative diameters of orbits for Venus or Earth around our Sun. A third “ring” of diameter “1” for Mercury was not drawn in crops. It would lie within a large six-petalled “flower of life” which was drawn at its centre.  

Thus our coded equation of “4 + 3 = 7” also matches “October 7”, when three inner planets from our solar system will adopt a triangular shape relative to one another, in their respective orbits about the Sun. I find it hard to believe that those two separate features (the number “43” and its “planetary rings”) do not relate in some subtle fashion to one another?  

A small line which protrudes from the outer ring of this crop picture at bottom right suggests a capital letter “Q”. Could this perhaps be a “signature” of the crop artist?  

Apparent alignment of those outer numbers “4” and “3” with major stylistic elements of the large crop picture nearby.  

Finally, when we look carefully to see where those two numbers “4” and “3” were drawn, we can see that they line up with the central part of that “flower of life”, and also with two other significant stylistic parts of the crop picture as drawn: 

Please study three “dashed orange lines” in the slide above to understand this point.  

In summary, if those numbers “4” and “3” were really faked by local members of the Prudentopolis Green Party, in just two hours while A.J. was away for lunch, they did a very good job in a short period of time! The hypothetical “plankers” would have needed a precise diagram of the crop picture to work from, and would have needed to make “plans on paper” themselves, so that everything would line up correctly as shown.  

What might the crop artists be trying to tell us? Should we all be voting “Green” for Brazilian party “43”, or other “Green” political parties worldwide?   

Supposing that all recorded features of this new crop picture might be real, what would the unseen crop artists be trying to tell us, by drawing it in a field near Prudentopolis? Perhaps they are trying to say that a political Green Party (or Partido Verde) is metaphorically akin to a “Flower of Life”, for the future survival of humans on Earth?  

Other possible interpretations 

Those numbers “4” and “3” could also be read upside-down as two letters “E” and “h”. If real, such letters might imply many different possible concepts, for example part of “Eh-yah” (from the Old Testament), or possibly an acronym for “Emergency hospital” or “Event horizon” and so on.  

Further work is still in progress 

Further investigations are underway to determine the possible origins of this extra number “43”, whether it is paranormal or locally human-made? Also if anything significant happens on October 7, as suggested by a “triangular” planetary alignment shown in this crop picture, as well as by its implied equation of “4 + 3 = 7”, we will report on further developments here.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) 

P.S. Many thanks to P.G.N for her help.


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Personally, I haven’t the foggiest idea what the number 43 (or is it “Eh?”) may refer to (but see Angel Numbers /angel-number-43); however, I was goggle-eyed when, visiting, today, September 30th, I came across the below item concerning the Van Allen radiation belts and “The South Atlantic Anomaly.”  Judging by my “Mark 1, Mod 0, calibrated eye-ball,” the anomaly is approximately centered over Prudentopolis at this time of year!  How very curious and “coincidental?” 

NEW MAPS OF THE SOUTH ATLANTIC ANOMALY: Researchers have long known that one of the van Allen Radiation Belts dips down toward Earth over South America, creating a zone of high radiation called "The South Atlantic Anomaly" (SAA). Since its discovery in 1958, the SAA has been shape-shifting, growing larger and intensifying.  A map published just last week in the American Geophysical Union's journal Space Weather Quarterly outlines the anomaly with new precision:

When a spacecraft in low-Earth orbit passes through the anomaly, "the radiation causes faults in spacecraft electronics and can induce false instrument readings," explains Bob Schaefer of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, lead author of the paper reporting the results. "We actually used these spurious signals to map out the radiation environment at an altitude of 850 km."

Specifically, they looked at pulses of noise in an ultraviolet photometer carried aboard many polar orbiting Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellites. When high-energy protons in the SAA pass through these sensors, they produce spurious signals--or, in the case of this study, valuable data. By monitoring the rate of spurious UV pulses, the researchers were able to trace the outlines of the anomaly and monitor its evolution over a period of years.

They found that the anomaly is slowly drifting north and west at rates of 0.16 deg/yr and 0.36 deg/yr, respectively. Currently, it is most intense over a broad region centered on Sao Paulo, Brazil, including much of Paraguay, Uruguay, and northern Argentina. They also detected a seasonal variation: On average, the SAA is most intense in February and again in September-October. In this plot, yearly average counts have been subtracted to reveal the double-peaked pattern:

One maximum coincides with an equinox, but the other does not. The authors were not able to explain the origin of this unexpected pattern. 

The solar cycle matters, too, as the data revealed a yin-yang anti-correlation with sunspots. "During years of high solar activity, the radiation intensity is lower, while during solar quiet years the radiation intensity is higher," writes Schaefer.

According to orthodox thinking, the SAA reaches down from space to within about 200 km of Earth's surface. Below that altitude, its effects should be mitigated by the shielding of Earth's atmosphere and geomagnetic field. To test this idea, and Earth to Sky Calculus have undertaken a program to map the SAA from below using weather balloons equipped with radiation sensors.  Next week we will share the results of our first flight from a launch site in Chile.  Stay tuned! 

V/R John
John DelCampo

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is:




- Almost, Deep Thought, almost...

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PS: Considering the Christian references of 2012 season (Cross, Crown, Cup and Face):

Psalm 43 (New International Version)

Vindicate me, my God,
    and plead my cause
    against an unfaithful nation.
Rescue me from those who are
    deceitful and wicked.
You are God my stronghold.
    Why have you rejected me?
Why must I go about mourning,
    oppressed by the enemy?
Send me your light and your faithful care,
    let them lead me;
let them bring me to your holy mountain,
    to the place where you dwell.
Then I will go to the altar of God,
    to God, my joy and my delight.
I will praise you with the lyre,
    O God, my God.

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
    Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
    for I will yet praise him,
    my Savior and my God.

Alex MacDowell


We look down at Brazil and we see things up side down.

The formation seems to say “Eh” like some old deaf guy. But the South Pole is actually up in a galactic sense, and looking at that formation from "up is South" gives this:

and the question is why 43? 1 formation; 2 big circles; a 3; a 4; 5 circles; 6 leaves, 4+3 = 7.  One can see whatever one wants to see.
Brian Crissey


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Observing from a point north of the equator, we see the impact of Comet A (in the Central Pacific) at the top and the expected locations of the two major fragment’s impacts later on the lower left and right. The inscribed flower of life indicates the area where vegetation on the islands will be damaged or destroyed by the debris trail of the comet beginning before the two major fragments strike. The “43” figure is mysterious, but may indicate the number of hours it takes after A’s impact for the two fragments to strike and the debris trail to fully settle to the surface. The small vertical line at the bottom may denote an earthquake related to the impact. This type of line has been seen in other crop circles. 

Ken Heck

Above all, I thank A. J. Gevaerd exhaustive pictorial material. This crop circle unleashed a wave of discussions. I am most intrigued contribution of Mr. Red Collie, who according to the position of the planets Mercury-Venus-Earth -Right determine future events dating to 6 to 7 October 2016. I think it was a devastating hurricane prediction. Hurricane Matthew shifting the Caribbean already on October 1. reached Category 4 hurricane on the five-point scale. He thus became the strongest Atlantic since the ravages of Hurricane Felix in 2007. The wind that accompanied him, had a speed of over 200 kilometers per hour. Today (7 October 2016), the hurricane has weakened to grade 3 and runs along the coast of Florida. Balance: More than 800 dead, 2 million evacuees, paralyzed air traffic, estimated property damage of $ 30 billion.

Pávková Z.

Further to information above about the South Atlantic Anomaly, this additional explanation has been sent to Crop Circle Connector, from the website

hosted by Lynn who is a psychic mom. This is how she describes herself:
"I'm a mom of 4 that recently turned 40. I've been doing readings (personal and public interest) since 2012. My focus includes, but isn't limited to: paranormal, passed loved ones, relationships, remote viewing and looking at past/future events. I sense things by images in my mind, impressions, sounds, tastes and/or smells. My passion is to help others, seek truth and provide insight." 

This is what Lynn said about the Anomaly in reply to a question about it: 

What Lynn Saw

“This is interesting. I see this originating in the ocean, off the coast of Brazil. There’s a tremendous amount of pressure; something seriously wants to erupt there, but... there’s some kind of protective, angelic energy like a giant heavenly hand working to suppress it. I see that when the New Earth is complete, and people have a new place to “go,” that this energy will be released and whatever this is will be allowed to take its natural course. I hear that the New Earth is coming in our lifetime [so start meditating on creating the New Earth, folks!] eventually, then some will start to slowly migrate onto the new path, while others will be born to it. Then the Old Earth/New Earth timelines will totally split. When the energy is allowed to be released, it feels ugly, like Tsunami worthy. Don’t be afraid, though, as the timeline is very far out there, and many of us will not be here physically, anymore. Still, there’s a chance some will see this, or their kids will see it in this lifetime."

Barbara Tomczyk



Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike