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A quick summary of the amazing new crop picture which appeared on September 27-28, 2016 near Prudentopolis in Brazil 

Found on the morning of September 27, only hours after the first Presidential debate of September 26 ended in the USA. 

Points in the landscape towards a schematic image of that debate. 

Shows an outer symbol for the number “43”, which was added in daylight on the next day of September 28. 

This symbol “43” matches how many days from when it appeared, on the night of September 26, until the US Presidential election night of November 8.  

“43” is also the nationwide electoral code for a Green Party called “Partido Verde” in Brazil. Mayoral elections were held there on October 1:  


Shows a possible “triangular” planetary configuration of Mercury, Venus and Earth in its outer ring for October 7, 2016.  

Shows a six-petalled “Flower of Life” at its centre, as well as an outer ring which looks like the letter “Q”.  

Suggests support for other Green Parties worldwide, for example Jill Stein in the USA.  

Looks real enough, Eh?  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)

Was the new crop picture at Prudentopolis on September 27-28, 2016 a political statement in favour of “Green” political parties worldwide, after the ET crop artist watched an uninspiring, two-party political debate in the USA on the previous night of September 26? Or might he support a “Flower of Life Party”?  

We have seen some fairly-overt political statements drawn in crops lately. For example, we saw a spectacular field image which seemed to support the “smoking of marijuana” at Ansty on August 12, 2016 (see  Ansty 2016 or This-crop-circle-appeared-overnight-wheat-field-Wiltshire-does-look-like-logo-American-company-makes-equipment-smoking-DRUGSl or wiltshire-crop-circle-is-bong-smoking-company-mothership-glass-responsible_uk). Then we saw a “Tibetan swastika” drawn in crops at Cooks Plantation on August 27, 2016. It was located in the field as a crop artist’s “third eye” (see cooks 2016 or cooks articles or farmer-finds-massive-swastika-crop-circle-in-his-field or nazi-alien-crop-circles).  

Political statements have always been a favourite topic for skilled artists, as evidenced by the lifelong works of Diego Rivera and his wife Frida (see Diego_Rivera or the-passsion-the-majesty-and-the-politics-of-diego-rivera), or by the great anti-war murals of Pablo Picasso (see Guernica_(Picasso) or guernica_nav).  

I would like to suggest that this new crop picture in Brazil may be a “political statement” of a similar kind. It was drawn 6 km northwest of the town centre of Prudentopolis, Parana in Brazil. It appeared on the morning of September 27, 2016, just after a highly-watched first Presidential Debate in the USA, on night of September 26, between two candidates who seem to be disliked or not trusted by most of the voters there.  

Meanwhile local elections were in progress in Prudentopolis nearby, for the position of mayor and his councillors. One of the political parties contesting this local election is “Partido Verde” or the Brazilian Green Party, which has a coded number of “43” on ballots nationwide.  

The new crop picture looks like a promotional advertisement for the Brazilian “Greens” as political party “43”  

Right away, our first impression of the new crop picture is that it might be a promotion of some kind for the Brazilian Green Party “43”. But who made it: local people or E.T.?  

UFO researcher A.J. Gevaerd studied that crop picture during the entire morning of September 28. When he went to lunch at 1330, numbers “4” and “3” were not present. Two hours later when he returned from lunch at 1530, numbers “4” and “3” could easily be seen.  

One might hypothesize that some local representative of the Brazilian Green Party sneaked out there, while everyone was away for lunch, and carefully drew two numbers “4” and “3” in isolated standing crop, using rope and boards? Yet this would only be a speculative supposition, because no one apparently saw anything (see Prudentopolis comments).  

Two bizarre episodes in August of 2016 created “cognitive dissonance” among humans on Earth  

Two bizarre episodes, just last month, suggest that we should not rush to judgement, and conclude that local humans made these extra numbers “4” and “3” near Prudentopolis, unless we have some kind of proof?  

First, an apparent advertisement for a US “glass bong” company was drawn in crops at Ansty on August 6, 2016, although the specified company “Mothership Glass” seemed to know nothing about it. Secondly, a “Tibetan swastika” was drawn in crops at Cooks Plantation on August 27, 2016, and sent the English press into a frenzy, until they realized that it was a Buddhist symbol of “peace”, rather than a Nazi symbol of “war”.  

The old rules of circumstantial evidence cannot be followed anymore, because the E.T. crop artist is clearly “messing with everyone’s heads”, and trying to create cognitive dissonance. I heard one woman say, in a lecture a few days ago, that previously she had been “living inside of a box”. Now she had left her “mental box” and begun to think freely. That does seem to be the crop artist’s intent.  

Two geometrical series of numbers plus a number “43”: where does this crop picture point in the landscape nearby?  

When we study this crop picture in closer detail, we can see two geometrical series of numbers 1-2-3 or 2-3-4 within its outer rings. We can also see two large numbers “43” in the fallen crop at lower left, and a large number “7” in the background crop at lower right:  

Those outer numbers “4” and “3” add to “7” as “4 + 3 = 7”. When considered together, both sets of numbers create an image of “7-7” like for “7-7 feathers” in the “Quetzalcoatl Headdress” of July 2009 (see time2010f or  

A central, six-petalled “flower of life” was drawn carefully along one crop tramline. The central axis of this crop picture seems to point upward through a “small dot” at the top, toward some other feature in the landscape nearby. What might this crop picture be pointing toward?  

The central axis of this crop picture and its “small dot” point toward two “talking heads” in the landscape nearby  

Using Google Earth, we found that the new crop picture points toward two “talking heads” in the landscape nearby. These might be meant to represent two “mainstream political candidates” who were shown worldwide on TV the night before, during a first Presidential debate in the USA?  

The crop picture was drawn just to the right of a “female talking head”, and points toward a small curve in the back of her “neck”. It seems almost if the crop artist wanted to say “Vote Green!” or “Vote for the Flower of Life Party!”  

Other landscape features of interest may be seen by careful study using Google Earth 

Any interested readers may study such landscape features further, by going to Google Earth and looking 6 km northwest of the town centre of Prudentopolis, Brazil, near latitude 25.166o South and longitude 51.001o West for the crop picture itself, while placing “North-Northeast” vertical. The crop artist seems not to like either candidate. A “male candidate” on the left resembles there a “human cockroach”, while a “female candidate with a dress” on the right resembles a “reptile” who has something “hidden”.  

If we next rotate by 180o to view this same landscape, while placing “Southeast” vertical, we can see the “two eyes and nose” of a “minotaur” at latitude 25.16o South, longitude 50.99o West. These particular landscape features match three small “balls” which were drawn around the outer ring of the crop picture with the same triangular shape, and in the same rotational orientation, slightly to the right behind the “head” of that “female candidate”. Two small marks within the largest “ball” seem to represent his two “nostrils”.  

There seems to be little doubt as to whether the unseen crop artist was inspired by these particular landscape features, to make a matching “three ball” pattern in the crop, but we can only speculate as to what it might all mean?  

Finally if we rotate again by 180o to place “North” vertical, and zoom out, we can see on the right a large image of a “jester” at latitude 25.15o South, longitude 50.93o West. He seems to be “looking down” at this “debate” between two “talking heads” on Earth. Could that “jester” be our unseen crop artist? He drew his signature in the new crop picture with a letter “Q”.  

Which political party do our E.T. friends support?  

In summary, we are led to ask: does the E.T. crop artist prefer Partido Verde “43” or other Green political parties worldwide, to the two “talking heads” from mainstream political parties, whom he saw on TV during the first Presidential debate of September 26?  

It certainly appears that way to me, but everyone can make their own judgements He might of course favour a hypothetical “Flower of Life Party” which we do not have yet on Earth today.  

And does he plan to “smack” that landscape “minotaur” between his “nose and two eyes” (or three “balls”) with a “Flower of Life”?  

Finally, the field of wheat at Prudentopolis was mature and green, while his is the “green party”! Just a joke, in case you were wondering.   

Other important details at Prudentopolis  

A series of “striped lines” between those two “talking heads” in the landscape might represent “stripes from an American flag”. Or they might represent the “horizontal raster lines” seen on old TV sets, as drawn in crops for example at Crabwood in 2002? Please see  

Three small “balls” along the outer “ring” of this crop picture might also represent the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth in orbit around our Sun on October 7, 2016, ten days after the crop picture first appeared on September 27. The sum of “3 planets” plus “number 4” and “number 3” equals “10”. There are likewise 10 long “stripes” in the landscape between those two “talking heads”.  

A brown-orange “7” shape appears in the background field, overlapping where the new crop picture was drawn, again suggestive of October “7”. Whether anything significant happens on that day remains to be seen.  

Paul Jacobs has asked me to emphasize that certain parts of this crop picture show an “energy leak”, or a “thin line of plants standing on crop tramlines”, where an unseen energy of flattening (next to an empty space in the planted crop) was too weak to flatten them.(see 27072015a). No man-made crop picture shows such subtle features.  

Where are the Greens?  

Why didn’t we see a Green Party represented at the first US Presidential debate? Well, their highly-educated, physician candidate Jill Stein tried to attend, and hold a separate debate outside, but was escorted from the premises by security police (see green-party-candidate-jill-stein-escorted-off-debate-premises-may-try-again).  

The authorities in the USA would not let her speak, even though most democratic countries allow for more than two political parties. For anyone who is interested,  Jill’s answers to the same debate questions are posted here (see expanding_the_debate_jill_stein_debates).

Appendix 1. Other interesting ideas concerning the crop picture near Prudentopolis, Brazil on September 27-28, 2016 

Since I wrote the main part of this article, several other interesting ideas have surfaced, concerning the crop picture which appeared near Prudentopolis, Brazil on September 27-28, 2016. Once again, there is no factual evidence at the present time that its “43” addition was made by local humans with rope and boards, on September 28 between 1330 and 1530 in the afternoon. It is not uncommon for pre-existing crop pictures to have new features added onto them on the next day, even during daylight hours.  

In this aerial drone video at time 1:36, the extra “43” feature looks quite tidy (see A number “3” points toward the very centre of a “flower of life” at the centre of this crop picture. Thus it was drawn slightly offset from crop tramlines, rather than parallel to crop tramlines, as might be expected for a human-made fake Still we cannot be sure, because there is no direct evidence either way.  

Some Brazilian people remain convinced that “43” was “paid election advertising”, apparently because they have such a low regard for their politicians there! Also because many of them do not believe that E.T. exists.  

On a more positive note, Matthew Williams has suggested that “43” as drawn in crops might refer to a “43-year jail sentence” handed down recently to a Brazilian businessman for financial corruption (see brazil-corruption-eletrobras).  

Other people have suggested that “43”, which is the nationwide electoral code for “Partido Verde” or a Brazilian “Green Party”, may refer to a field of “green wheat” where the crop picture appeared. Thus the unseen crop artist might support a “green” political party as his subtle form of humour!  

“43” as numbers, “Eh” as letters 

That number “43” can also be read upside-down as two letters “E” and “h”. Together they create a colloquialism of “Eh” which means “Excuse me”:  

Three matching landscape features 

If our crop artist intends to metaphorically “strike” a landscape “minotaur” between his “two eyes and nose” (which were the inspiration for three “outer balls” in this crop picture), might he say “Eh” or “Excuse me!” on the next day?  

You can see those three matching landscape features here:  

Three large clumps of trees on the left, marked with “thin white circles” in the slide above, seem to align with three small circles or “balls”, which were drawn along the outermost thin ring of this crop picture. What these three matching features might mean, we do not know yet.  

Elliot Alderson has suggested that those letters “Eh” might be an abbreviation for planet Earth”. Brandon Keys suggests that they represent Edinburgh”.  

Two other landscape features nearby  

In this final slide, we can see two other nearby landscape features. On the left we can see “two political candidates”, while on the right we can see the side-on view of an open-mouthed man wearing a “jester’s hat”. He seems to be shocked by what he is hearing (or seeing) in the political debate:  

Again we do not know yet what these other landscape images might mean. Still the crop artist drew his new picture just behind the “head” of that “female political candidate”, and pointing towards the back of her “head”. This was only hours after the first Presidential debate between Trump and Clinton in the USA on the night of September 26, 2016.  

The “green wheat” or “crop circle” party  

“I am for the green (or crop circle) party”, he seems to be saying, by drawing a number “43” which means “green”.  

Flipped over, we can read “Eh” or “What did you just say?” This is subtle and clever humour indeed!  

Incidentally, a Green candidate for the mayor of Prudentopolis came in fifth on October 2 in the general election, with less than 10% of the vote (see candidatos-prudentopolis-pr). If he really did try to “advertise for votes”, by drawing “43” in wheat next to this new crop picture, then it did him no good.  

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew)  

P.S. Many thanks to A.J. Gevaerd and his colleagues for excellent field research, and P.G.N. for help.





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