Bommern-Wheiern, Kanton Thurgau. Switzerland. Reported 6th July.

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    Mysterious crop circle discovered in enclave : Unexplained circles

    Hochfelden : puzzles about circles in the wheat field

    Art on grain : The cross with the circles

Readers reporter Toni Stäheli from Neuwilen TG has photographed the crop circle with a drone from above . His comment: " These aliens must have drunk too much grain at work! " The 40 -year-old artist can make no sense of it, who has the crop circle created so clumsily . "There was clearly crafted . " 

lso, another reader-reporter can not explain how the pattern came into the field itself. "When I was walking with my dog ​​on Wednesday near the pond Bommer, I suddenly saw a strikingly regular circle in a wheat field ', so the reader-reporter. They thought it must be a case be a this mysterious crop circles. "It looked very special." 

A view on site shows that it is actually a crop circle. In the center is a circle by the wheat was flattened regularly. Next outside, there is another smaller circle with flattened wheat. The inner circle has a diameter of about seven meters, with the outer circle come back around two to tango. 

The owner of the field lives nearby. "I have no idea who is responsible," says the farmer. Disturb not doing him the crop circle. He is now set up as soon as possible, a sign on the field, so that any onlookers know where they go through. "Otherwise they trample me broken the whole field." 

Most beautiful crop circle in Switzerland 

Crop circle expert Beni Sidler assumes that the crop circle from Bommer ponds originated by human hands. "The wheat looks like, as if someone had flattened him," says Sidler. For his thesis also suggested that the farmer has found a rope in the crop circle. 

The last crop circle in which it could be amended and mysterious hergegangen, Sidler has explored in Hörhausen in Thurgau about seven years ago. "This is the best crop circle that I've ever seen in Switzerland," Sidler says even today. 

Should we even sometimes discover a crop circle, there are, according to the researchers observed some. Thus, for example, should never march across the standing grain, even if this requires some long detours. Basically applies that one should always respect the land and the privacy of the farmers. 

Here the Thurgau crop circle in the video: 



Mysterious crop circle discovered in Thurgau field : Siegershausen TG 


In the canton Thurgau crop circles were discovered. Where do these come, is not committed. It is not the first mysterious circles that are found in Thurgau.

"It looked very special," says a 20 minute reading Reporter. He had discovered the crop circles, as he walked with his dog. There were two of them: First, the wheat are depressed regularly at the center. Next outside, there is another smaller circle with flattened wheat. The inner circle had a diameter of about seven meters, with the outer circle come back around two to tango.

The owner of the field has no idea how the circle get there. Disturbing but does not do it. He will install soon a sign indicating onlookers, not to pass through the wheat. "Otherwise they trample me broken the whole field."

There are many indications that the crop circle was made by human hands. The farmer has a rope found also the wheat look as if it was pressed flat, says an expert.

It is not the first crop circle, which is found in Thurgau. Seven years ago, was to see a mysterious crop circle. (Text:


Evidence clearly indicates this circle is manmade. The irregularly shaped comet and coma perhaps reveal a realistic shape, rather than a regular geometric design. Behind is the Earth at a certain distance from the comet so that the two seem to be of equal size. This perspective occurs after the comet has gone around the Sun and is headed directly for impact.

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