Furzefield Shaw, Nr Merstham, Surrey, United Kingdom. Reported 29th July.

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Commenting the "Lotus Flower" interpretation.
The most popular Tibetan praying mantra (Om Mani Padme Hum) is about Lotus.

But I'd like to turn focus on a more interesting flower. There is much word about planet Venus, and combing it with "flower", I reached to this fascinating footage. (video from 7:14 on)
The "Venus Flytrap" represents a strong "warning" to the kinds of real hopeless vampires, that we all know. ;-)

Maybe this is also interesting from a holistic standpoint, since I'm convinced that true artists are (also) messengers/prophets.So regarding Venus-Flytrap ;-) there is this rather unusual Tarot card by Salvador Dali, that IMHO fits exactly.

The term "true artist" brought me to this speech by emperor Nero:
Then this Bob Dylan interview:
And this clip from the movie "Stigmata":

So I'd say it's about recognizing and UNDERSTANDING *the source*. We could see ourselves as "the moon" reflecting the source ("sun"), but once we understood we become ONE - sun-moon-earth. This might also be interesting for many in a rational holistic sense.I think ;-) reality is what we feel - the mind is for conscious confirmation through understanding.

Re: Tribulations of true artists [15-8-2015 06:15 UTC]

Being defeated and pain is the only way to true illumination.


Only Lucky ;-)


Re: Lucky [15-8-2015 07:00 UTC]

We may believe only in God or coincidence. Without God/Gnosis we remain believers/Agnostics forever and may "follow" all sorts of constructed existentialist illusions that we impose on others as long as they pragmatically work through force and power. But the world is obviously a mess and chaos and that of course cannot be according to any God's plan. So what does *that* prove? ;-)

Re: Gnosis [15-8-2015 07:30 UTC]

The "simplest" way to certainty is death. So may heart and conscience pass the test.


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"Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day"




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